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Why Eric and Julia Roberts Keep Their Relationship Private


Eric Roberts and Julia Roberts’ relationship is back in the spotlight once again. 

And it all started after someone decided to go back to an ‘interview’ Eric did about three months ago where he told the cameras that he is not supposed to talk about his sister, reports. 

Now why would one not be able to talk about their sibling? 

I thought siblings share a unique bond due to their similar life experiences, which allows them to understand the dynamics of their household, the disciplinary rules set by their parents, and the behavioral traits they developed while growing up. 

Turns out Julia was the one who asked her brother not to talk about her and it got me wondering does it have anything to do with their past history together?

Oh, and Roberts is not allowed to talk about his famous family but he did break that one rule just to praise his amazing daughter Emma Roberts!! 

So what really went down between Eric and Julia that made the siblings ask one another to not talk or share information about their bond?? 

Julia and Eric

Why Siblings Choose Not To Talk About One Another On Screen 

Bros and sis, especially the famous ones, might be like, “Hey, let’s keep our personal stuff on the DL during interviews, okay?” for a bunch of reasons.

Privacy Concerns 

Safeguarding Personal Privacy: Public figures are frequently under close examination, and sharing details about personal relationships can lead to unwelcome scrutiny and gossip.

Defending Personal Boundaries: It’s important for everyone, including siblings, to establish boundaries in order to preserve a sense of privacy and personal space.

Professional Image

Developing Personal Identity: It’s important for each sibling to carve out their own path and pursue their own career without constantly being compared to or overshadowed by their sibling.

Steering Clear of Comparisons: When their bond is constantly discussed in public, it can often lead to uncomfortable and unfair comparisons between the siblings.

Eric and Julia

Media Manipulation

Shaping the Story: Siblings have the power to shape the narrative by restricting what they reveal, ensuring their words are not twisted or misunderstood.

Preventing Rumors: Media outlets may exaggerate or misinterpret information, causing unwarranted chaos or tension.

Emotional Reasons

Sibling Dynamics: The dynamics between siblings can be intricate and layered, and talking about them openly may stir up lingering emotions or unresolved conflicts.

Looking Out for Each Other: Siblings may steer clear of discussing each other in order to shield one another from potential criticism or unwanted scrutiny.

Eric and Julia Had Beef in The Past

Eric’s cocaine addiction was the root of his “bad boy” reputation in the 80s and 90s. 

When his daughter Emma was just a baby, Eric’s split from her mother Kelly Cunningham led to a bitter custody battle. 

Due to his addiction, Julia sided with Cunningham, even helping to fund her case. Despite getting clean in 1995, the rift between Eric and Julia lasted until 2004 when they reconciled after the birth of her twins. 

Eric and Emma Roberts

In 1995, Eric turned his life around after being arrested for pushing his wife Eliza.

Today, they are in frequent contact, with Julia maintaining a close relationship with Emma and Eric’s wife Eliza. 

In hindsight, Eric understands why his sisters distanced themselves during his addiction, acknowledging he wasn’t pleasant to be around. 

Eric and Julia Did Not Grow Up Together

It’s true that Eric and Julia didn’t grow up together due to their parents’ divorce. Eric stayed with their father while Julia and Lisa stayed with their mother. 

With a significant age gap between them, they practically had separate upbringings even under the same roof. 

Eric, who is 12 years older than Julia, had already built a successful acting career in Hollywood by the time Julia turned 18. 

Despite Eric’s claims of assisting Julia in landing auditions when she first arrived in Hollywood, Julia’s memory of the events differs. 

Nevertheless, Eric continues to be one of the busiest actors in Hollywood. So, America’s sweetheart might or might not owe her success to her older brother. 

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