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The Voice Puts On Full Display Dan + Shay Relationship After Past Breakup


The new season of The Voice is bound to be exciting with Dan and Shay in the double chairs putting on full display their chemistry and relationship.

Despite being newbies in the coaching game, they received a heartfelt welcome from the audience on the first night of Blind Auditions, reports.

But would you believe me if I told you that months ago these two were planning on going their separate ways?

In a partnership, you have to put in the effort to make it work, just like in a marriage. If you’re not constantly working on it, things can start to fall apart.

Dan and Shay have faced many challenges in the past decade, and this is a fresh start for them as once again we get to see their real-life friendship on screen. 

It’s not uncommon for duos or groups to eventually go their separate ways. There could be various reasons like strained relationships or individual ambitions.

 So, it doesn’t shock me to hear about Dan + Shay’s breakup once.

The only downside to their breakup then was, having to endure their songs and getting all nostalgic about the good old days they were a duo, maybe shedding a tear or two along the way.

Day + Shay were putting their relationship on full display on ‘The Voice’/YouTube

What went down between those two that made them ghost each other for a good four months, only to randomly link up again and create one of their most fire albums? 

Here is a full breakdown of what happened to their relationship! 

The Breaking point of Dan + Shay

Three things, not happy about their careers, losing their passion for music, and losing their relationship. 

Dan and Shay were both completely over music. Like, seriously, they were so over it. 

They couldn’t even have a decent conversation anymore. And forget about hanging out outside of work, that was a thing of the past. 

Every time they actually managed to get together, it was either for some boring interview or a show. Can you believe it? 

These two are supposed to be best friends! They started this whole thing eleven years ago but somehow forgot to prioritize their friendship.

 It’s no wonder so many duos end up falling apart. It’s a tough gig, you know? Everything has to be split in half and you have to be on the same page for everything so it is hard. 

On top of this Dan and Shay were caught up in a whirlwind of chaos and personal struggles. 

Dan Smyers found himself in a fierce battle against extreme burnout, while Shay Mooney was juggling the challenges of fatherhood and health issues.

Both Dan and Shay came to the realization that they needed to confront their personal demons before they could patch up their friendship and reignite their passion for music. 

As they both were struggling their love for music was always there but it was buried so deep they needed one another to dig it out.

It was time to decide if they were quitting one another for good or trying to find a mutual understanding. 

It was a make-or-break situation that would determine their future. And guess what? They chose to start fresh. 

They decided to rebuild their friendship from scratch. No more drama, just good ol’ quality time together.

Talk about turning lemons into lemonade + some Teuqila! Dan + Shay are back and better than ever, ready to conquer the world with their music.

“The last few years have been quite the journey, personally and professionally. To be honest, there was a moment we weren’t sure we’d ever get to stand on this stage again, but because of YOU, we are still here and more grateful than ever.”

 “From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to our fans, not just for voting and winning us the Group/Duo of 2023 @peopleschoice award, but for showing us grace and patience when we needed it the most” were Day and Shay’s words on Instagram after they came back stronger than ever.

Dan and Shay on The Voice

The new episode of ‘The Voice’ season 25 was streamed just days ago. 

We got to see Dan and Shay in two chairs but with only one button and boy was their chemistry on full display.

You could see how much their bond meant to them, every time there was a contestant one of them liked, they would speak with their eyes.

Day + Shay is the first double chair on The Voice/Instagram

The level of their understanding of one another just by expressions and gestures is a sign that they are more than friends at this point we can call them family.

Oh, it’s just fabulous to witness these two in action! I’m practically bursting with anticipation to witness the magic they’ll create on stage. 

But let me tell you, there’s one thing that truly brings me joy: knowing that these two musical powerhouses are still gracing the industry with their presence.

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