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The Details of JoJo Siwa and Avery Cyrus Messy Split


JoJo Siwa, nobody has more dramatic relationships than this young queer woman!!

If you have not heard she is currently back in the dating game after she was spotted sharing a rather passionate kiss with Madison Rouge Alvarado. 

I could be wrong, I don’t watch the show, but isn’t she a contestant this season, and JoJo’s the judge? Couldn’t this be an issue?

Oh wait the season is already over and Madison was not the winner, the crown was taken by Anthony Curley. 

Not to forget that we have heard that Alvarado is going to be part of Siwa’s new music video called ‘Choose A Fighter’.

And if this is not enough Jojo has been getting shaded on TikTok not only by her fans but by her girlfriend too! 

JoJo Siwa sharing a kiss with one of SYTYCD contestants, Madison Alvarado/Backgrid 

Siwa came out as gay three years ago and has been having a lot of trouble in paradise with her girlfriends or should I say exes, reports.

Let’s break down Siwas’s break with Avery and her song ‘Karma’ too because for me it sure has something to do with her exes. 

Analyzing ‘Karma’ 

The song delves into the themes of remorse, guilt, and the consequences of infidelity. The main character looks back on her past choices, admitting that she cheated without thinking about the aftermath. 

Now, witnessing her ex-partner’s happiness with someone new, she feels a profound sense of regret and jealousy. 

The chorus drives home the message that her present suffering is a direct result of her past wrongdoings, highlighting the moral that actions have consequences. 

Ultimately, the song serves as a heartfelt exploration of the emotional aftermath of betrayal and the inescapable nature of facing the outcomes of one’s actions.

Now with witch ex of hers does this song have to do with? I am guessing Avery Cyrus!!

Avery and Siwa’s reason behind the split 

So, it turns out that Jojo’s ex, Avery, was previously in a long-term relationship with a girl named Soph. Their breakup came as a complete surprise to Soph, leaving her heartbroken (apparently).

After breaking up with Ky, Jojo got together with Avery. However, their relationship didn’t last long and they suddenly called it quits.

JoJo and Avery

Interestingly, Avery and Soph had planned a vacation before their breakup, and Avery still wanted to go. 

So, she went ahead with the trip. Now, Jojo is claiming that she was only used for attention. On the other hand, Ky’s most recent girlfriend (I can’t remember her name) is accusing Jojo and Ky have something going on behind their partners’ backs.

So, it’s either Avery seeking attention or Jojo being unfaithful… or maybe both. You pick your own side!! 

JoJo’s story with Avery is very complicated 

Jojo and Ky were in a relationship, but they eventually ended things. After the breakup, Jojo started dating different TikTok girls. 

However, she eventually got back together with Ky. Later on, they started hanging out with Avery and Soph, who had been a couple for two years. 

It became evident that Jojo was no longer with Ky. Then, Avery and Soph announced their breakup, and surprisingly, Avery was seen with Jojo just a few days later. 

Siwa and Cyrus

As a result, people were taking sides and discussing the situation. Many felt sorry for Soph because Avery moved on extremely quickly, leading to speculation about whether something was going on between Jojo and Avery before their official breakup. 

Jojo has claimed that both of her exes were toxic and used her for clout, but their perspectives suggest that she didn’t treat them well either. 

Avery has shared stories about their toxic relationship, which many assume are directed towards Jojo. 

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