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Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce’s Love Parade Across The Globe


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are not just a power couple, they are stealing hearts left and right – not just each other’s, but fans worldwide!

These two are like the ultimate jet-setters, globetrotting their love story to every corner of the world. 

They’re practically living on airplanes, flying here, there, and everywhere just to make their big days extra special by being there for one another, reports.

Swift concert or Kelce’s game day, they never miss a beat no matter what!

When Taylor announces a highly anticipated concert, Travis immediately marks the date on his calendar, knowing that he wouldn’t dare miss the chance to witness her electrifying performances. 

Even if it happens to fall on the same day as a crucial game day for Travis’ football team, the Kansas City Chiefs, he finds a way to balance his passions. 

Travis, being the ultimate multitasker, strategically plans his day, ensuring that he can catch both the exhilarating Swift concert and the thrilling football game.

The same goes for Taylor, she will travel across the world just to be there for Kelce in his games. She has done it before and most definitely will do it again.

The best part of this is that we get to witness their love like they are on tour, one day they are in New York the next in Australia, and after that back home or in another place.

And just like we’re about to dive into all the romantic hotspots these lovebirds have hit up and gush over every adorable memory they’ve made together.

Traylor in Australia

Travis Kelce didn’t just show up to Taylor Swift’s concert in Sydney, he practically flew across the globe to support his girl on her Eras Tour! 

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end was seen in the crowd rocking friendship bracelets on both arms like a true Swiftie. 

And let’s not forget those killer dance moves he busted out during the show – this guy is the ultimate supportive boyfriend!

They even had a Troy and Gabriella moment when Swift changed once again the lyrics of her song ‘Karma’ from ‘Karma is the guy on the street…’ to ‘Karma is the guy from the chiefs coming straight home to me.’ 

You really wish it was you, but sorry honey, it ain’t gonna happen! 

A day before Taylor and Travis were seen on a zoo date. Swift decided to grace the zoo with her presence once again, this time with Kelce in tow for a “private tour.”

The couple fed kangaroos and took selfies while strolling through the zoo together.

From Tokyo to Vegas

Everyone was worried if Taylor was going to make it in time for the Super Bowl after her show in Japan. 

It seems like Japan is also a big fan of Taylor Swift! They announced that Taylor would be able to arrive in Vegas just in time for the Super Bowl after her show there.

She made it and let’s just say the happiness was evident everywhere.

After the Kansas City Chiefs took the win home for the second time in a row Taylor was on the field to celebrate with  Travis.

Taylor and Travis celebrate the Super Bowl win with a kiss 

They sealed everything with a kiss and later on continued to party with friends and family till the early hours of the morning. 

When you’re in love, it doesn’t matter how far you travel or how exhausted you feel. Once you’re in the embrace of your loved ones, all your worries vanish into thin air. 

Everywhere in US

The United States has been the biggest witness of Tayor and Travis’ romance.


Taylor Swift showed her support for Travis Kelce once again as she celebrated the Kansas City Chiefs’ incredible win against the Baltimore Ravens. 

After the match, Taylor made her way down to the field where she found Travis amidst the energetic crowd. 

In a heartwarming display, they shared a loving embrace in front of everyone. Taylor tenderly held onto Travis’ neck as he planted a sweet kiss on her. 

Taylor and Travis first kiss on the field

Briefly stepping away to talk to someone, Travis soon returned and wrapped his arm around Taylor’s shoulder. They cozied up once more, holding each other close.

Missouri – Kansas City

The state has witnessed the crazy party on New Year’s Eve and a late-night drive getaway from Taylor and Travis.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce locked lips in a heartwarming New Year’s smooch in Kansas City, Missouri. 

When the clock struck midnight, their fiery first kiss of 2024 was caught on camera by other party attendees. Swift was fully engrossed in the moment, embracing Kelce tightly with her arms.

However, Kansas City is where everything started and somehow Traylor always finds their way back there.

Taylor’s first appearance at Kelce’s game

It all started after Travis attended Taylor’s concert in Arrowhead Stadium, and let me tell you, it was a night to cherish.

Travis tried to shoot his hot by giving Swift his number, but kind of missed. He did not give up and the odds were on his side because these two met and clicked right away. 

Kansas City has witnessed the start of their story, them showing up on Arrowhead Stadium to see each other rock their stages, their first appearance together, and has seen the big shock when Taylor showed up to see Travis play.   

New York 

Let’s just say New York City has been the ultimate witness of Traylor’s journey from the start till now. 

Whenever it is a late-night drive, a date, or a party, NYC lives to its nickname of ‘the city that never sleeps.’

New York is the city where Swift and Kelce soft/hard launched their relationship after stepping hand in hand for a date and we even got to see the gentleman side of Travis.

Here we have seen them hold hands, party, kiss on the head, and even dance alongside their squads, friends, and family.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce had their first public date in New York City/Backgrid

Other places that have witnessed the romance of Tralyor are; Massachusetts, Brazil (South America) where we saw them kiss for the first time and Travis met his father-in-law Scott Swift, Wisconsin, and New Jersey.

For the most part, Kansas City holds the record of mostly having the lovey-dovey moments for Taylor and Travis, but NYC was where they had their first sleepover, so that should count for something!!!  

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