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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Love Knows No Distance


Will it work with their busy schedules and lives?!

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce belong with one another and they will be giving their relationship a real try, reports.

Of course, there will be a bumpy road ahead, with Taylor going on tours and Travis being fully focused on his team, they will be in for a ride. 

They both appear equally interested in each other and seem determined to make their relationship work.  

Swift and Kelce seem incredibly at ease with each other and understand each other effortlessly. It’s definitely more than just a casual fling to kill time. But how will they make it work?!

These two are in their mid-thirties, have successful careers, and don’t need to be attached at the hip all the time.   

They’re just busy with their own things right now – she’s preparing for tour and he’s focused on his team’s season. Plus, with private jets, it’s easy for them to make time for each other.

Taylor can write and record her music anywhere, she doesn’t have to be tied down to one spot for work.    

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Spotted Out at Dinner

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce spotted out at dinner

The superstar’s schedule isn’t too terrible, it’s just three weeks of touring with a week off in between. She’ll be able to fly back home during those breaks.

Travis on the other hand will be able to enjoy plenty of free time and go on trips starting from late January or early February since football season is over after the Super Bowl until around mid-July.  

However, there are still some off-season training camps and responsibilities, but it’s not as hectic as during the regular season. 

It might not be a piece of cake to maintain a long-distance relationship, but it’s not exactly rocket science either.  

They also face additional obstacles such as constant attention and the inability to move around without being noticed or monitored.  

Taylor has mentioned that constantly hiding her relationships and avoiding the media makes her feel like she has something to be ashamed of. 

Taylor Swift Reaches New Levels of PDA With Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift reaches new levels of PDA with Travis Kelce

She’s not a fan of hiding, but she decided to give it a shot. Honestly, it’s probably a reflection of her and Joe’s on-and-off status. This time with Travis she is done hiding. 

It’s interesting how no matter what happens in their relationship, there will always be a story created around it. 

Even if they end up getting married and staying together forever, there will still be PR involved in crafting a specific narrative that they approve of. 

It’s understandable that Taylor wants some control over the public narratives about her life, especially since she’s so popular. 

And let’s face it, people will always be interested in trying to form stories around their relationship – it’s just human nature.

Are Taylor and Travis ready to settle down

Travis is at that age where he’s probably thinking about settling down and finding someone to share his success with. 

He’s got a great support system with his family and bestie Pat Mahomes, who are all killing it in their careers and personal lives. 

It’s absolutely true that a guy has to be in the right place in his life to truly consider marriage.

There was a hunch that he wasn’t there with his last girlfriend, but after winning the Super Bowl this year, he finally felt ready to think about his future. That’s when he realized she wasn’t the one for him. 

Taylor and travis on their first public date

Taylor and Travis on their first public date 

With Taylor in the picture, it looks like he is ready to take the next step. During one of the Chris Jones episodes, they started talking about Swift’s music.  

He told Chris “Watch out, you’re talking about family”  in a way that implied that he considers Taylor a part of his family. With that said everyone thinks that they are ready for marriage. 

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