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Taylor Swift and Matty Healy’s Relationship Timeline Is Sus


It takes two to tango and the breakup isn’t exclusively Joe’s “fault.” The Matty timeline has been sus from the beginning.

Just a few weeks later after the breakup, Taylor Swift showed that love was still alive and kicking by getting cozy with a new dude—or should I say, someone who had been hiding in plain sight all this time, reports. 

Taylor Swift is back at it again, confusing her fans with her mysterious new music. This time, she released an unexpected double album called The Tourtured Poets Department

Forget about her breakup with Joe Alwyn, because it seems like she’s actually singing about The 1975’s Matty Healy!

Matty was dating Meredith before Taylor, then Taylor becomes single and immediately goes after Matty even though he’s already in a relationship? 

And then, after Matty and Taylor break up, he goes back to Meredith? It’s all so confusing, I’m not sure what’s actually happening.

The timeline seems all over the place and I have a feeling there was some overlap. Their whole situation sounds like a complete mess, 

Here we are thinking it was just a fling between Swift and Healy. So what is their full history, where does it start and end, let’s dive right into it!!

Matty Healy and Taylor Swift

April 24, 2024: Matty talks about Taylor Swift’s album 

Matty Healy, the subject of Taylor Swift’s new album, The Tortured Poets Department, has finally spoken up about the songs supposedly about him. 

Titles like “The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived,” “But Daddy I Love Him,” “Fresh Out the Slammer,” and “My Boy Only Breaks His Favourite Toys” have all been linked to Healy. 

When asked about his “diss track,” Healy casually replied, that he had not had much time to listen to any of them but knew that they must be amazing tracks, with a cheeky grin on his face.

April 19, 2024: The Album is here

Finally, the album dropped, and when those songs were heard everyone knew the meaning behind each and every one of them.

Now I do not want to babble about the tracks but I do want to babble about what these two could have done to have the relationship they were both yearning for.

Taylor and Matty may have claimed to be each other’s true loves, but actions speak louder than words. 

If they truly wanted to be together, why didn’t they have the guts to end their current relationships and start fresh? 

They had no marital commitments, no children to consider, and enough wealth to buy their own love nest in a heartbeat. 

So what was holding them back? It’s baffling to see them pine over each other, engage in emotional or physical cheating, and drag this charade on for years. 

If Taylor felt like she was in prison while dating Joe Alwyn, why did she not walk out of that door?!! 

Personally, I believe people tend to mourn “situationships” more than long-term relationships because they’re mourning what could have been. 

With a long-term thing, you usually have your questions answered and the “what ifs” resolved. 

So it’s easier to romanticize and idealize the could-have-been rather than facing the reality of a long-term commitment.

June 2023: Breaking up

After not much compatibility between Taylor and Matty they called it quits one month into their romance. 

Taylor Swift and Matty Healy leaving Jack Antonoff’s studio

Not long after the news was made public Haely had to take the stage in Vienna where he kind of speaks for this short lived romance of his. 

Fans showed up at his event with signs that said ‘You are loved’ after they had witnessed the internet’s harsh backlash of a romance that did not work, it was no one’s fault. 

Matty told everyone that he was thankful and that there were no hard feelings!! 

An insider mentioned that Matty and Tay were never in a serious relationship and were just having fun. There was no drama.

May 2023: Walking hand in hand setting the rumors on fire

The duo was spotted leaving the studio in their casual clothes and looking a bit tired after a recording session.

Mind you they were holding hands and not shying away from the camera lights. Sources revealed that it is more than a platonic relationship between them!! 

A few days before this happened Swift and Healy were spotted enjoying a night out together at Casa Cipriani in New York City. 

They were seen getting cozy at a banquette in the lounge, cuddling and kissing. Their mutual friend Jack Antonoff also joined them that evening.

April/May 2023: Matty breaks up with his girlfriend/s

Here are some interesting things that we have heard!!

From January to May, he was involved with both Meredith in LA and a girl named Ana in NYC. However, in May, he abruptly ends things with both of them and goes public with Taylor. 

This unexpected turn of events leaves Ana and Meredith feeling blindsided, prompting them to share their feelings on social media. 

Meredith takes it a step further and decides to share her side of the story with the tabloids. 

She reveals that Matty had been spending a lot of time in the studio with Taylor around February, but she didn’t think much of it since Taylor had a boyfriend at the time. 

After ghosting Taylor, he reconciles with Meredith, and they are seen together in Hawaii (the same girl from the airport video). 

Later, Matty is spotted grocery shopping with Meredith in LA, but a week later, he’s seen with Gabbriette in NYC.

September 2023: Matty starts a relationship with Gabbriette.

August 2023: Taylor begins dating Travis Kelce.

July 2023: Taylor removes ‘About You’ from The Eras Tour pre-show playlist.

April 2023: Matty started following and liking Taylor Swift’s post on Instagram!

Matty admitted a long time ago to being sitten with Swift

January 2023: Showing up at his concert

Taylor surprises everyone with a performance at The 1975 show in London. Deuxmoi later reveals they chatted until 4 am (later confirmed by Matty in an interview).

October 2022: Matt, Taylor, and Jack are besties

Matty Healy shares Taylor Swift’s reaction to The 1975’s new album, with her saying “It’s so funny.”  Matty also discusses working with Taylor!! 

2021: Collabing with the greatest 

 Matty begins collaborating with Jack Antonoff on The 1975’s upcoming album. In November of the same year, Taylor and Jack Antonoff started working on “Midnights.”

March 2016

Matt Healy expressed that dating Taylor Swift would have been “emasculating” for him due to her immense global fame. 

February 2016 

Matty reflected on his friendship with Taylor, mentioning the chaos surrounding her due to her fame and how it made him feel overwhelmed and like he might miss something important.

Matty Healy and Taylor Swift were friends for over a decade before they started dating 

November 2015

Matty mentioned Taylor in an interview, comparing her popularity to Barack Obama’s. 

He admitted falling for her a bit but emphasized that everyone falls for Taylor Swift.

December 8, 2015: Matty discussed contacting Taylor to appear in one of his music videos. 

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