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Taylor Swift and Katy Perry Feud Happened For Silly Showbiz Reasons – A Timeline


Cause baby, now we give mad hugs and there is no more bad blood. I can’t believe my eyes! Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are finally calling a truce! 

It’s like witnessing a unicorn sighting in the wild – rare and unexpected. 

This unexpected turn of events has left me speechless. I never thought I’d see the day when these two pop divas would bury the hatchet. 

The feud between Taylor and Katy seemed like it would last forever, but hey, miracles do happen in Hollywood, right?

Their reconciliation is a breath of fresh air in the often drama-filled world of celebrity feuds. It’s a reminder that forgiveness and moving on is possible, even in the most public of conflicts. 

Fans of both artists are ecstatic at the news, with many taking to social media to express their joy and disbelief, reports.  

The hashtag #KatyandTaylorReunited is trending worldwide, with fans sharing their excitement and hopes for a collaboration between the two superstars.

Who knows what the future holds for Katy Perry and Taylor Swift now that they have put their differences aside? Perhaps a duet, a joint tour, or even just a newfound friendship but adding a little bit of spice.

What really happened between those two musicians? Was it about backup dancers? John Mayer? Who’s on top of the charts and who’s making the most sales? Or maybe all of the above?

Get the popcorn ready, people let’s dive into a feud that lasted for like a decade! 


It seems Travis Kelce isn’t the only one in the VIP tent at the Sydney Eras Tour. Katy Perry arrived with Rita Ora to catch Taylor Swift’s performance. 

Fans spotted the duo and couldn’t help but speculate about the atmosphere when Taylor sang “Bad Blood,” a song widely thought to be about her past feud with Katy.

From what we saw, Perry was seen to be enjoying her time at the concert leaving whatever happened in the past right there and dancing along to the beats of ‘Bad Blood.’

Cause baby, now we give mad hugs and there is no more bad blood, this song lyrics that we came up with it seem to be the perfect way to describe where TS and KP stand.

Let’s not forget that Katy has recently appeared in one of Taylor’s music videos as a burger while the other pop star was the fires.

She has also taken to Instagram to share a selfie for all the Swifties and her fans captioning it ‘Got to see an old friend shine tonight’. The thing is we got to see both of them shine.

I guess it is safe to say, that these two girls are down the road of becoming besties, who knows soon we might see Katy as part of the Swift squad. 


Katy’s daughter was born in September, and Taylor sent her an adorable hand-embroidered blanket. It was so cute!

Auntie Taylor in action!!

The Baby Blanket


Katy shared friendship cookies on Instagram and tagged Taylor. Taylor responded with 13 pink hearts (lol). 

I have so many questions about those cookies, who’s the cookie culprit here? Did Taylor Swift play the role of a cookie courier and bring a batch to Katy Perry’s crib? 

Or did she delegate the task to someone else? Maybe they had a cozy baking session together?

Let’s just say these questions will never have answers!!

A few days later, the music video for “You Need to Calm Down” was released, and Taylor had a realization about us all having crowns or something, I don’t know, I’m tired. 

In September, they both discussed rekindling their friendship.

Katy appeared on Ellen and despite the unfortunate situation, she emphasized the importance of redemption, forgiveness, and setting a positive example for younger generations.

By showing that it’s cool to ask for forgiveness and address any issues or problems with others through open communication.

As for Swift, she addressed this issue during a Rolling Stone also calling it miscommunication and never giving one another the chance to explain.


In May, while on the Reputation tour, Katy surprises Taylor with a REAL OLIVE BRANCH and a heartfelt apology letter. 

Taylor snaps a photo and shares it on her Insta stories, giving us a glimpse of the letter.

Hey old friend, I’ve been doing some reflecting on past miscommunications and the hurt feelings between us…deeply sorry…(a small part of the letter read).


This was the year when a lot was said!

In an interview before her Witness era, Katy was asked about Bad Blood. Her response was clear and powerful. 

She emphasized that kindness should never be mistaken for weakness and warned anyone who dared to come for her. 

She made it clear that her statement was not directed at any specific person, and she didn’t want anyone to misquote her. 

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift met in 2008

Katy believed that when women come together and unite, the world will become a better place. 

However, she also reminded everyone that every action has a reaction or consequence, so it’s important not to forget about that. 

And then, Swish-Swish was released, which was quite scary stuff. On Jimmy Falon, Katy mentioned that it’s not a diss track. 

According to her, it’s a powerful anthem that people can use when they feel like someone is trying to hold them down or bully them. 

During her appearance on Carpool with James Corden, Katy finally opened up about the Taylor feud.

The pop star once again opens up about her past with the other superstar giving away the background of the story and how everything started over the backup dancers.

More and more interviews come from Katy Parry’s side where she shares how she wants to move on from the situation, but no words from Taylor.

In August of the same year, Taylor dropped the ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ track.

Shortly after, the music video for Look What You Made Me Do debuts at the VMAs, and guess who’s presenting? Katy Perry! 


This year was a mess!!!

 In May, Taylor Swift released the music video for “Bad Blood,” and people started speculating that her character was based on Katy Perry.

It’s crazy to think that Taylor Swift and her model friends were portrayed as trying to kill her in the video. Talk about intense!

The VMA nominations caused tension between Taylor and Nicki Minaj, but they later resolved it. Katy Perry and Camilla Belle also got involved in the drama. 

In October, Taylor clarified that “Bad Blood” was not about targeting anyone specific.

Taylor and Katy

2014 – 2010

The popular belief is that Taylor Swift recruited some of Katy Perry’s dancers for her Red tour while Katy was not touring. 

However, Katy and the dancers claim that they informed Taylor they would only work for her until Katy resumed her own tour. 

During the Red tour, the dancers left Taylor to join Katy as she returned to touring. 

Taylor was reportedly upset with Katy for “stealing” the dancers and causing disruptions to her tour by forcing her to find replacements midway through. 

The lingering question for me has always been – Was Taylor aware that the dancers would leave, and did they have a contract for the entire tour or just a portion of it?


Rumors have it that Taylor Swift and Katy Perry first crossed paths in 2008 but it was in 2009 when their public interactions took off like a rocket. 

In August, they decided to have dinner together, and boy oh boy, the pictures that came out of that night were so staged, they could win an award. But hey, I guess they were trying to slay the game.

And let’s not forget the infamous VMA where Kanye jabbed at Taylor with some words about her win had Katy swoop in to defend, Taylor, and even referred to her as a kitten in a tweet. Meow!

A month later, Taylor makes an appearance at Katy’s birthday bash and can’t help but gush about how amazing it was. 

Katy and Taylor have been feuding for almost ten years

Friendship goals, anyone? Oh, and just in case you forgot, this is also the year when Taylor allegedly started dating John Mayer. Love was definitely in the air, or so they say.

In my opinion, this whole drama was blown out of proportion by both sides. The media exaggerated it and made it into a bigger deal than it needed to be.

I don’t think it was a smart move for either side to capitalize on this drama. However, I’m glad that both parties have moved on, which they should have done from the beginning. 

And I still enjoy both of their music, although I might lean slightly more towards Taylor’s!!

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