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Paul Mescal vs Jack Harlow – Who’s Winning Amelia Dimoldenberg’s Heart?


The race for Amelia’s heart is on!!

If you’re following Amelia Dimoldenberg on any of her social media accounts, then you’ve definitely stumbled upon her famous ‘Chicken Shop Date’ videos on YouTube. 

Let me tell you, the chemistry she has with everyone there is something else. Whether it’s a woman or a man who’s invited to be a part of that dating experience, she brings her A-game.

From flirting to using pick-up lines, she knows how to let loose and go with the flow. She’s got her game face on, no doubt about it. 

The moments where we witnessed the most incredible chemistry between Amelia and someone else were when Jack Harlow made a guest appearance, and the second one was when Paul Mescal joined in, reports. 

“I think this is one of the best dates I’ve ever been on (minus the Guinness) Paul is clearly obsessed with me but as you know I’m very busy so I’ll check my schedule and see if I’m free for a second date,” she wrote on Youtube for her date with Paul. 

Amelia didn’t beat around the bush when she went out with Jack Harlow. She straight up told him that their date was absolutely perfect and that there was some serious chemistry between them.

She got the rizz, you know what I am saying!!! 

Both of these videos are packed with comments from fans who are also sensing the spark between Amelia and the two guys. It seems like everyone is shipping!!!

Now, let’s dive into the two dates see what all the fuss is about, and find out who ultimately won her heart. 

Amelia and Paul Mescal’s ‘Chicken Shop Date’

From the get-go, she drops a line about Paul’s eyes that instantly grabs his attention.

At the start of the video, Mescal seemed really anxious while Amelia appeared calm and collected.

They kicked off their conversation by talking about zodiac signs, but it quickly took a turn and they started asking each other about their romantic tendencies.

Amelia has watched all of Paul Mescal’s movies and then dropped a bombshell about meeting someone who claimed Paul is a great kisser. 

However, she’s unsure if it’s true since she hasn’t experienced it herself. That definitely made someone blush!

Dimoldenberg’s video becomes even more entertaining when he brings up Mescal’s thighs. 

Not only does Mescal blush, but he also bursts into laughter and reveals the reason behind it – it’s a genetic trait that runs in his family!

In addition to that, Paul decides to ask Amelia for flirting advice because he has absolutely no experience in that area. 

Ameli and Paul Mescal/X(Twitter) 

It becomes quite amusing when Mescal starts talking about his theatrical background and compliments Amelia on her excellent work.

Amelia, however, interrupts him and tells him to stop because this date is not just a job for her, it’s real. 

Towards the end of the video, Amelia hands Paul a script so he can audition for her romantic comedy. 

As he reads the lines, he showers Amelia with compliments about her beauty and everything else. When he finishes, Amelia thanks him and encourages him to continue reading the script.

All we can say is, well done Amelia, well done!

Fans left a lot of comments, one wrote “I just watched Amelia go on a real date, and it brought me insane joy.”

The other one commented “Amelia…. he’s so whipped for you it’s unreal. I ACTUALLY SMILED THRU THE WHOLE VIDEO, YALL ARE ADORABLE” 

While another one said “I think this is the first one where I like ACTUALLY ship the two together. Like I truly believe in the chemistry between them and it’s giving ME butterflies in MY stomach.”

Jack Harlow and Amelia’s Chicken Shop Date 

The date between Jack and Amelia happened a while back, but I resurfaced after the comedian’s recent date with Paul.

Everyone keeps comparing the two and pointing out their similar chemistry.

Amelia throws Harlow a question, asking him about his type, and he straightforwardly answers with “dark hair.” It’s some serious flirting!

I think it’s safe to say that Jack Harlow is quite the flirt. Throughout the entire video, he maintained eye contact with Amelia, and it seemed like she was melting.

Jack Harlow and Amelia 

I’m not the only one who noticed this. One fan commented, “I could never date Jack in real life, knowing he naturally looks and talks to everyone like that.”

It’s also amusing how Amelia managed to laugh and stay in character at the same time during the entire show.

Jack even went as far as rapping a few lines to Amelia, expressing his desire for her to meet his family. After checking her schedule, she confirmed that she was free.

Amelia had her own line to hit Harlow with after his performance. She told him how he keeps getting cuter as they continue dating.

Jack was hooked! And that’s how their date came to an end.

Amelia’s Annual Valentine’s Day party look is also what got us wondering why is no one making a move on her, fans want some drama and some love after all that chemistry.

Outside of those videos Paul has not been spotted with Amelia nor has Jack Harlow.  

As far as we know Mescal has been in a committed ultra-private relationship for four years with a lot of rumors of an engagement. 

Jack Harlow from what it has been reported is very much enjoying the single life, so hey we can keep shipping him with the Amelia. Who knows it might happen one day!

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