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Olivia Rodrigo is having a Secret Romance with Louis Partridge!?


Olivia Rodrigo and Louis Partridge, love is definitely in the air for these two!

Nothing has yet been confirmed about their relationship but they were spotted alongside each other, reports. 

The duo was seen with arms wrapped around each other, giving off major Halloween vibes. All snuggled up, it seems like they could be an item!

Rodrigo and Partridge in photographs can be seen cozying up in each other’s arms while entering a concert venue.

Olivia first traveled to England with her close friend Connan Gray, but let’s just say he was covering for his bestie. Turns out she went there to meet Louis, her new boyfriend.  

The actor was also caught in the background of some selfies that Rodrigo took with fans. And you know what that means – the dating rumors are heating up faster than a pot of boiling water!

Louis spotted in photos Olivia took with fans

Louis was spotted in photos of Olivia with friends/TikTok

In other pictures, this duo can also be seen sharing kisses but this duo does not follow each other on social media even though it was reported that Louis used to follow Olivia on Instagram. 

Following or not following the clues that the two are dating are more than clear and fans can not be happier that these two have found each other.  

Here are some of the supportive comments on Reddit for this duo:


Yay cute and normal


The way ppl shipped them back in 2020 ????


Idk why, but I find this pairing SO CUTE. Absolutely rooting for them. Have fun kiddos! 

Fingers are crossed for this couple to go a long way together because even their zodiac signs say that they are compatible to the bone. 

With Louis being a Gemini and Olivia a Pisces it is said that these signs make wonderful friends and lovers. 

Their relationship still seems to be in the early stages but from what we have seen we can tell that they seem to be inseparable. 

And we can be happy for the love songs that are about to come from Rodrigo. Louis is going to be one good muse. 

Both of the artists are in their 20s, and Olivia dating someone her age suggests a potential shift in her dating preferences from older men. 

olivia and louis looking all cozy with one another

Olivia and Louis look all cozy with one another

This comes after her relationships with Bia, 27, and Adam Faze who were six or seven years older than her. 

Olivia and Louis have a few things in common starting with movies. They both like romance, comedy, melodrama, and comedy. 

This duo also loves acting, food, books, and a lot of things which means they do have things in common that they can navigate their relationship through. 

The last time Olivi was linked to someone was in 2022. She was said to be dating her producer who was way older than her. 

She also was caught in a love triangle in 2021 when her hit ‘Drivers License’ came out which involved a music fight through lyrics with Sabrina Carpenter. 

Fans had been shipping quite a Louis Patridge and Sabrina Carpenter as a couple, but guess that won’t be happening anytime soon. 

There have been no indicators that Sabrina and Louis were ever romantically involved it was just fans’ wishes. 

Back to the love triangle. It was reported that Joshua Basset left Olivia for Sabrina and later confirmed that he was part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

As for Louis Patridge, he was last linked to an ex-friend who turned girlfriend Sydney Chandler.

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