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Michael B Jordan’s Bedroom Skills Are a Zero for Bre Tiesi


Bre Tiesi is single-handedly causing heartbreaks worldwide! And no, it is not for her but due to what she said about Michael B. Jordan.

During the premiere episode of the seventh season of Selling Sunset, Bre Tiesi, a 32-year-old reality star and influencer, revealed that she had been intimate with Michael B. Jordan. 

Bre has labeled Jordan as someone who is not good in bed. First, she bragged about sleeping with him and then dropped the bombshell, reports.

She was unaware that all that was said was going to be aired. During the interview, Tiesi admitted to sleeping with Michael, and then later on she got hooked to a lie detector machine. 

That’s when the question happened. Host Tan France inquired “Is Michael B. Jordan good in bed”?

“I’m going to be in so much trouble,” Bre replied dropping a bomb when she answered with “No.” 

When questioned about her rendezvous with Michael B. Jordan, she chose to remain tight-lipped.

Bre and her son who she shares with Nick Cannon

Bre and her son who she shares with Nick Cannon

 This information was revealed while Bre was having dinner with her fellow cast members Chrishell Stause, Amanza Smith, and Emma Hernan. 

The topic arose when Chrishell asked which celebrities they would be intimate with. 

The actor has been in the entertainment industry for years and he has had highly publicized relationships during those years. 

 Amanza replied that she would like to spend a night with Michael B Jordan. 

That’s when Tiesi made the shocking statement.  

With all that’s going on, how were Jordan and Bre linked, did the split between Michal B and his exes happen due to him not being good in bed as Bre has said or is Tiesti wrong?  

As for Michael B’s reaction, it is safe to say that he is unbothered, happy, and thriving. He has shared photos of enjoying quality time in Japan unfazed about what a particular someone sad about him.

Last night he was in the building to watch the game between Shakur and Fe Los Santos. The actor was all smiles as he interacted with people giving away hugs and hi’s. 

The actor has been in the entertainment industry for a few years now, and while he has tried to keep his relationships private some of them did get publicized. 

However, the bonds he created with those women lasted and let’s say they did not part ways due to him not being good in bed. 

Would someone stay in a relationship with a person who does not ‘know how to be good in bed’? 

His most publicized relationship was with Lori Harvey, Steve Harvey’s daughter with whom he had a romantic bond for almost two years, and then they parted ways. 

They both have shared sweet tributes for one another during their time together including ones where they share kisses. 

Michael B Jordan and ex girlfriend Lori Harvey

Michael B. Jordan and his ex-girlfriend Lori Harvey 

The actor has also had a lot of kissing scenes in his movies, and from the body language, because that does not lie, every girl seems to be in awe after they share a kiss with him.

Facts are facts.  But here is a funnier one Nicki Minaj has always been a big fan of the actor and during an event where both were present the singer tried to shoot her shot with him. 

They were both in attendance at the People’s Choice Awards in 2018 where the singer held her speech and gave a shout-out to Michael B Jordan who was going to take her dress off of her that night. 

It was one funny joke that gave away how everyone was very fond of the actor. After all, he was chosen as one of the sexiest men alive a few years back. 

So it is not wrong for others to wish on a one-night stand with him or a relationship for that matter. 

Also when it comes to sex life no one is the same when it comes to satisfaction they all have their own kinks, however this is bo a reason to call the person out publicly. 

Elsa Gecaj
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