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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s Love Story is Anything But Simple


Megan Fox’s relationship is indeed complicated and to explain how much she published a whole book about it!!! 

Megan Fox has shared her experience of being objectified at a young age and being manipulated by Brian Austin Green, who married her when she was 18 and he was 30, reports.

Her sole other known romantic involvement has been with MGK, which has appeared to be tumultuous and possibly even abusive.  

The actress’s relationships made her lack self-awareness and easily adapt to fit the desires of the man she is with.

 Despite her attempts to portray intelligence, her wisest choice would be to break free from the destructive patterns of her relationships and focus on her own healing. 

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s relationship

Megan is right now in an on-and-off relationship with Machine Gun Kelly. There have been many times when they have given an insight into their relationship.  

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox

So is this a plea for assistance from Megan’s side? They constantly discuss the darkness and peril of their relationship. 

MGK even claimed to have attempted suicide while speaking to her on the phone, blaming her for his actions.

Despite having a broken wrist and a concussion, Megan had posed some time ago for a photo with a domestic abuse poster. 

Furthermore, she shared on Instagram that she compiled a list of reasons why she believes she “deserves” the injury. 

To add to the distress, there is now a poetry book centered around her “beautiful boy” murdering her to prevent anyone else from having her.

MGK and Fox on their lake getaway after they got engaged

MGK and Fox on their lake getaway after they got engaged 

How do we know for sure that this book is about Kelly? Just one simple line from her poem gives it all, as to why everyone thinks its about him. 

“my hands are bleeding from trying to free myself…” in reference to the ring that she can’t take off without losing a finger.

In truth, she won’t lose a finger, but the ring is designed in a way to hurt her if she ever decides to take it off. 

Inside ‘Pretty Boys Are Poisonous’ book by Megan Fox

When she posted about her book being published, Megan shared a picture of the book cover followed by another photo with writings in it, explaining what the book is about.  

Megan claimed that she wrote these poems to heal the illness that grew inside her due to her silence. 

For years she has kept the secrets of others, and her body now bears the burden of their sins. 

These pages hold Megan’s freedom and hope that her words can encourage others to reclaim their happiness and identity by speaking out about what’s been hidden in the shadows.

Megan disclosed that she refrained from sending most of her written content to her editor due to its graphic and unsettling nature. 

She anticipates criticism for her intimate publication but is fully ready to embrace it.

The criticism she is receiving is not a criticism, it’s more of a heartfelt type of criticism where other people who went through similar things just like Fox are coming out of their shells. 

A small part of a poem Megan has written: 

“My heart won’t give you up this thread through our past lives tightly wound around my neck siphoning my breath to fill your lungs my hands are bleeding from trying to free myself you offer me a smile content to steal my life knowing at least this way no one else will ever have me”

Relationships aren’t supposed to be ugly wars they require honesty, trust, respect, and open communication. 

MGK tying the already tied shoes for Megan Fox

MGK tying the already-tied shoes for Megan Fox

Both individuals must put in effort and be willing to compromise. Power is balanced, and each partner’s independence is respected.

They can freely make decisions without fear of consequences and share in decision-making.

But what is holding Megan back? The way her poems are written it’s like there is something more between the lines, that is way too hard to read.  

She and MGK are so entangled in each other’s image that the mistakes made are being overshadowed, resulting in the forgive-and-forget game.

 Their relationship is toxic, driven by lust rather than genuine love and her book proves that they are both ‘blind’ to what damage they are causing to one another. 

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