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Matthew Perry’s Journey with Stepfather Keith Morrison and Father John Benett


Matthew Perry has had a strong bond with his parents, stepfather, and half-siblings.

Keith Morrison married Matthew Perry’s mother in 1981 and was another father figure for Matthew to look up to, reports. 

Their relationship is said to have been a good one and that can be proved with the way they talked about each other. 

Keith Morrison has a lot of things to be proud but the number one on the list should be his six kids, including Matthew Perry. 

And he made sure to tell everyone how much of a good guy he was and how everyone loved having him around. He was somewhat of a happy virus. 

The close bond Perry formed with his family, including his stepdad and stepsiblings was an outcome of the unwavering support he received. They never abandoned him not even when he had the dark days. 

Keith has been in his life since he was a child and he has described Perry as an intense, talented, and focused individual, highlighting his intelligence and bright personality. 

Suzanne Perry and Keith Morrison

Suzanne Perry and Keith Morrison

He used to accompany Matthew in his hockey games where he would shine as a player and let’s not forget about his tennis skills.  

This duo had a normal son-father relationship and the only thing that Matthew did not like about Morrison is that he was always on his mother’s side no matter what. 

Matthew revealed in his book that his childhood was a bit lonely due to his mother’s busy schedule. She was always at work, leaving him to compete for attention with the demands of her job

This lack of attention, combined with the pain of his father leaving, caused Perry to act out at a young age. 

matthew perry and his biological dad

Matthew Perry and his biological father 

So when she got married to Keith, he became a positive role model in Matthew’s life. 

In his memoir, Perry admitted that Keith was an absolute gem and the one who held their family together.  

When his stepsiblings started to come into the world, Matthew had a change of heart about his family, and at 15 he decided to go and live with his father. 

John Bennett, Perry’s biological dad set two different examples for him. A good one and a bad one! 

The good one is that Matthew took on the path as an actor due to his father and the bad one is that he took his drinking habit from, yeah you guessed it his father again. 

The father-son duo shared the screen together a few times and they are said to have had a good bond with one another. 

It is heartbreaking to note that just dates before Matthew passed away, he shared a photo of him and his father enjoying drinks. 

Keith Morrison and his wife Suzanne Morrison, John Benner, and his wife arrived at Matthew Perry’s Los Angeles home after hearing the devastating news of his passing.   

What is Perry’s problem with Reeves?

No one really knows when the beef between the two started or why! 

In his memoir which was released last year, he mentioned Keanu Reeves a few times making this weird anecdote about him. 

The problem Matthew had with Keanu was with him being alive while two of his good actor friends had died due to substance abuse at a young age. 

It was kind of weird to see ‘the internet boyfriend’ be blamed for being alive because for someone else it was written in the tarts to leave this world at a young age. 

Matthew Perry did make some type of apology to Reeves saying that he would remove his name from the new books that were yet to be printed. 

But what could have really happened between these two to cause such a big hate from Perry’s side? 

It is said that they used to be neighbors, so we are wondering if something had happened then, like Kenau making noise or playing loud music, or might be something else too. 

Perry has a way of always keeping things hidden first his love and admiration for Courtney Cox and now this. 

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