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Lucas the Short King and Ellie the Tall Queen: A Love Story Blossoming from Friendship


They’re known as Short King and Tall Queen – those are their nicknames, or should I say, their vibes! 

And get this, they started off as besties and ended up falling in love! Like, how cute is that? Besties to lovers, it’s a whole mood!

They are known as Ellie and Lucas… I mean, they started as besties and ended up falling in love, reports!! How cute is that?

Haha, caught you slipping! Everyone loves the best friends to lovers storyline!

I found this couple on TikTok with that new trend ‘I wonder who will (name) end up with’. The sound in the background is from that GEICO commercial where he yells ‘Number 44, WOO 44 THAT’S ME’. 

Ellie is taller than Lucas, and as she shows off her fit in the video, he pops up behind her mimicking ‘Woo 44 that’s me’ (just lip-syncing the original video) and starts doing a cute dance!

OMG, I saw them and they were like super duper cute! So, I was like, let’s check out their page for more deets. 

And guess what? They went from BFF’s to lovers! I was like, “OMG, I need to know everything about their love story!” 

Ellie and Lucas

Like, how they met, how it all started, who confessed first, and all that jazz. And then, a brilliant idea struck me!

Why not share it with all of you? I mean, who doesn’t love adorable love stories, right? So, here you go, peeps! You can thank me later!

Lucas and Ellie’s story 

Lucas and Ellie, the TikTok power couple, have totally won over millions of fans with their adorable videos and genuine connection. 

Their transition from BFFs to lovebirds is seriously heartwarming and totally motivating.

How They Met 

Lucas and Ellie’s story began back in college, when they were brought together by their squad. But guess what? It all went down at a lit bar!

 Ellie spotted Lucas, made her move, and boom! A friendship was born. They hit it off right away, connecting over their common interests and becoming tight buds in no time.

As the years went by, their bond only got stronger, and they were always there for each other through thick and thin. No doubt, their friendship is the real deal, or so though everyone! 

Little did they know sparks were flying between Lucas and Ellie, even though they did not know so!!

The Turning Point 

They were actually friends for a month before COVID hit! So they shifted their friendship online, Lucas used to call Ellie more than five times a day!

Both of them were just bored during the pandemic and found talking to each other over the phone very enjoyable!

When things went back to normal, they returned to campus since they were in Uni at that time and they didn’t hang out much.

However, Lucas had told Ellie’s closest friend that he was in love with Ellie, and the friend spilled everything to Ellie so Ellie decided to talk to Lucas about his feelings.

Long story short, he initially denied everything but later admitted his feelings. Two years of friendship turned into romance and if we count that too, these two have been together for four years now.


I love having my boy home????????

♬ original sound – em ????

From Friends to Lovers

Their journey from being friends to becoming lovers was incredibly smooth, thanks to the strong bond they had built as friends. 

They decided to share their beautiful love story on TikTok, capturing every moment and milestone along the way. 

Their genuine love and affection for each other struck a chord with their audience, resulting in a rapid increase in their fan base. 

Although the transition from friends to lovers wasn’t without its challenges and moments of confusion, they managed to overcome them together, growing and learning as a couple. They are simply adorable! 

Elsa Gecaj
Elsa Gecaj
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