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Love Triangle Alert: The Drama Between Devin Booker, Kendall Jenner, and Christina Nadin


Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker are back together or in the process of rekindling their romance. 

The ongoing drama between Booker and Jenner has been a hot topic, especially given their on-again, off-again history.

Jenner’s recent fling with Bad Bunny and breakup in January 2024 only added fuel to the fire of speculation surrounding her and Booker, reports. 

 The rumor mill started churning when DeuxMoi, a celebrity gossip site, claimed that Kendall Jenner spent Valentine’s Day with her ex, Devin Booker, at a hotel in Phoenix. 

This came after they were seen together at Super Bowl LVIII, sitting in the same skybox but apart.

By the looks of it, the relationship between Kendall and Benito was just a rebound and it did end as fast as it started. 

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker dated for two years

On the other hand, Booker had no rebound relationships after his brake up with Kendall, but he did party with ladies almost every night. 

And now he has been rumored to be in a relationship with Christina Nadin who happens to be Taco’s (Travis Bennet) ex and Kendall’s best friend. 

And just like that, a love triangle has been formed between Kendall, Devin, and Christina who is continuously trying to prove that she and Booker are together.

Are Jenner and Christina friends?

Kendall and Nadin were spotted a few times hanging together as Christine was in a relationship with Taco who is part of the models’ close circle of friends.

However, after they broke up, the two women were never seen together in person, but they did follow each other on social media. 

Their social media encounters were cut short when the unfollowing saga began.

Kendall, Taco and Christina/TheImageDirect

Travis recently decided to unfollow Devin Booker and Christina, which caused quite a stir. 

This situation is even more complicated because they all used to spend time together when Travis was dating Christina and Kendall was with Devin. 

The drama intensified when Travis unfollowed Devin a few weeks ago, prompting Kendall to follow suit and unfollow Christina. 

To make matters worse, other friends like Hailey, Kim K, and several others also unfollowed Devin and Christina. 

If dating a friend’s ex is not a violation of the girls’ code I do not know what else it is.

Since we are in the social media zone, Devin and Christina are following each other on social media even though they have been caught up in a dating scandal together. 

However, despite all this social media activity  Devin hasn’t even been active on Instagram lately, so I don’t know where you’re getting your information from.

Kendall and Bad Bunny

Kendall and Devin are soft-launching their rekindled romance

A couple of months ago, Bad Bunny made an appearance in ‘Coco Channe’, and in that track, there’s supposedly a shoutout to the Phoenix Suns, Booker’s team at the moment. Bad Bunny even mentions the car Kendall drives and her zodiac sign.

Devin has apparently shared his thoughts on the lyrics dropped by Benito, suggesting that the singer is afraid of losing Kendall to someone else.

However, it is now rumored that Kendall is reigniting her romance with Devin.

There have been hints of a soft launch between the two but add a little bit of spice to that with a love triangle.

It all started at the Super Bowl where these two were in the same suit but were seated apart. 

Then the unexpected happened when Devin Booker was spotted wearing KHY, which is Jenner’s brand. 

Kendall and Devin  brother’s Instagram stories

Kylie dropped some jaws when she posted Devin her sister’s ex on her Instagram story writing ‘I spy khy @dbook’ 

After that, it was announced that Kim K was flying to Phoenix making fans wonder if Kendall joined her all the way there since Booker plays for Phoenix.

Jenner throws the speculations to the ground that she went to Arizona by posting on her story a video of her horseback riding.

After that, a blind item was dropped on Deuxmoi’s page that these two had spent Valentine’s Day together in a hotel.

To add more fuel Devin’s brother posted a snap on Instagram which was seemingly the same view as the one Kendall shared on her account.

Oh and almost forgot, there have been countless articles where Kendall’s friend said that they want her to get back with Devin!!

Now, if all of these are mere coincidences, then sure, we can accept that. 

But all of this gossip didn’t sit well with Christina Nadine, who finally broke her silence on Instagram by sharing a mirror selfie taken in Booker’s bathroom. 

Christina broke her silence on Devin’s dating rumors by sharing a snap posing in his bathroom

To sum it all up in one word, it’s definitely complicated!

As the news of their possible reunion spreads, fans are eagerly awaiting confirmation from Kendall and Devin themselves. 

The couple’s previous chemistry and connection have left many hopeful for a rekindled romance, and it seems that their wishes may soon be granted. 

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