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Little Mix’s Friendship Is Still Strong – But Are They Finally Reuniting?!


Capital’s Summertime Ball was three days ago and I still can’t get Perrie Edward and performances out of my mind! 

Perrie Edwards absolutely killed it during her performance at Wembley Stadium! It was a major moment for her solo career, reports. 

She debuted her new single “Tears” and let me tell you, it had the catchiest chorus and gave off major summer vibes.

 The best part? The fans got an exclusive preview because the single hadn’t even been officially released yet. 

Perrie also showed off her incredible vocals and stage presence with her debut solo track “Forget About Us.” 

But wait, there’s more! She blew everyone away with her cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me).” It’s not an easy song to tackle, but Perrie handled it like a pro. 

Leight Anne also killed it on stage last year! She was like a shining star, showing off her amazing talent and charm as she took center stage as a solo artist. 

Rocking a bold yellow dress, Leigh-Anne blew everyone away with her strong and heartfelt performance. 

She sang her heart out with her new banger “My Love,” gave us chills with her soulful version of Aretha Franklin’s “I Say a Little Prayer,” and left us begging for more with “Don’t Say Love.”

The performances were everything, seeing them two performing separately after 11 long years of sharing a stage together was a bullet to the heart! I just miss them way too much. 

It got me emotional I will accept that and then in my head, I started doing some calculations about the chances of a ‘Little Mix’ reunion! It has been two years without them.

Chances Of a Reunion 

Leigh-Anne and Jade reunited, they attended Jamie McFarland’s birthday party about ten days ago. And I am sure Perrie and Leigh met backstage at the Summertime Ball too. 

Their friendship is something that has not been shaken by their hiatus!!!

Perrie and Jade met not long ago, they do share little moments of their meeting on social media too!! Oh and Leight met with Jade too, they have shared it on Instagram!!

Perrie and Jade

If They Don’t Reunite We’ll Be Okay

These three ladies have repeatedly made it clear that they are going their separate ways to focus on their own careers. 

However, there’s a certain group of fans who just won’t stop talking about them reuniting. 

Have you ever considered that Little Mix taking a break is actually beneficial for their mental well-being? 

The media has been so harsh on them, and it has really taken a toll. I genuinely wish them all the best, including Jesy, and I hope they’re all happy and enjoying their lives. 

Anne and Jade

And if they never come back together, I’ll be okay with that as a mature adult. They dedicated a whole decade to us. They blessed us with incredible, timeless music for ten years. Just let them be. 

I definitely believe that Perrie, Leigh, and Jade will eventually reunite, at least for a new single, and hopefully an album and a full tour in the future. 

I’m not so sure about Jesy, but I hope that all four girls can find peace with each other, even if she decides not to be a part of any potential reunion.

In the meantime, I’m really excited for all four girls’ solo careers. It’s a chance for them to grow and evolve as artists, bringing even more talent and a fresh sound to any future music. 

Being a lifelong Mixer, I really wish they would come back together and create more music, go on tours, and all that good stuff. 

However, I think we might just get a reunion tour within the next decade, similar to what the Spice Girls did. 

Little Mix

Little Mix as a group was like a well-oiled machine, but they were definitely pushed to their limits, so I wouldn’t blame them if they decide to move on from that chapter. 

I suppose we’ll just have to be patient and show our support as they each pursue their solo music careers.

Elsa Gecaj
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