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Kyle Walker and Annie Kilner Rekindle Romance, Stirring Up Drama with a Furious Lauryn Goodman


It is a love triangle, but the third person is causing problems!! 

Just last week Kyle Walker’s wife Annie Kilner gave birth to their fourth baby together and he was there to support his girl. 

However, Lauryn Goodman who also shares two children with Kyle seems to not be happy about it, and a ‘silent battle’ has been going on in full swing. 

Being by his wife’s side even though they are on a brake did not sit well with Goodman nor did the news of them being happy for the new baby, reports.

She has been revealing left and right that Walker does not care about his other two children and that she will go to Germany with the kids in support of him so that they can see their father play. 

At the same time, it has been reported that Annie will also be attending Walker’s game alongside the kids, and by the way things have been going the chances these two ladies are going to meet are rather big. 

Oh and from what we have seen and heard things between Annie and Kyle have started to patch up so these two are thinking of moving away from all the drama.

Lauryn on the other hand has declared that the reason she is traveling to Germany with the kids is because Walker had invited them. 

Kyle Walker has strongly criticized his former partner Lauryn Goodman’s ‘outrageous and false’ allegations, refuting her claim that he had invited her and their kids to the Euros.

The player has firmly denied ever requesting his ex-girlfriend to come and watch him play in Germany this summer. 

Annie and Walker 

How did the news of the reconciliation between Kyle and his wife affect Lauryn? 

The short answer would be not in a good way! 

Goodman has been fighting hard to have the father in the picture for her kids or so she claims and with the things she has been saying now I think it sounds like she is jealous the couple has left whatever came between them behind.

Annie found out about Walker having a second child with Goodman through a message sent the day after Christmas.

Lauryn decided to show proof by sending a photo of Kyle spending time with their two kids in the park. She disclosed her motives behind it!

She made sure to tell Annie the truth during Christmas to handle things maturely. Her intention was for everyone to know the situation and make their own choices without causing more problems.

Lauryn Goodman with her and Kyle Walker’s daughter 

But why do I feel like she’s trying to create a rift between the couple?!

On the other hand, Annie doesn’t seem bothered at all. She was seen out in public recently with her newborn baby, looking great and happier than ever.

The model still hasn’t updated her Instagram page with a new photo or bio since becoming a mom of four kings, not three as it currently says.

It’s possible that the model is taking some time to adjust to her new role as a mother of four and may not feel the need to update her social media right away. 

It’s also possible that she is choosing to keep her personal life private and not share every detail with her followers. 

Annie strolling around with her newborn

Ultimately, it’s up to Annie and her partner to navigate their relationship and family dynamic in a way that works best for them. 

Annie Kilner made a surprise appearance at the Etihad Stadium to support Kyle during the Champions League quarter-finals.

Her attendance was particularly touching, especially since she had recently given birth. Bringing all four of their sons, including the newborn, showcased their strong family bond and highlighted Kyle’s exceptional qualities as a devoted father.

Stay tuned for more updates on the brewing feud between Annie and Lauryn because from what we have heard a wag war is soon to happen!!

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