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Kevin Hart’s Friendship With John Cena Has Swayed His Relationship With The Rock


We have missed having Kevin Heart on our screens!!

Now imagine the shock when John Cena also showed up in the movie, there sure was some undeniable chemistry between the two even though they were enemies in the movie. 

If you are a fan of Kevin or you have seen his movie, Die Hart, well the second part came out not long ago, reports.

As much as I am used to him and The Rock sharing the same screen it was a surprise when John Cena showed up. 

Hart acknowledged that he isn’t always taken seriously as an action star in Hollywood. This led him to create the short-form action-comedy series. 

The first movie, Die Hart, follows the actor as a fictionalized version of himself, attending a boot camp for aspiring action heroes, overseen by John Travolta’s eccentric instructor.

The second movie ‘Die Hart or Die Harter, features Hart pitching a groundbreaking movie concept where the action is completely unscripted and unpredictable. 

However, he soon finds himself kidnapped and thrust into a real-life scenario where he must confront a vengeful ex-colleague.

Kevin Hart and John Cena

It’s great to see Kevin Hart continuing to explore his comedic talents in the action genre.

While the movie was great I am more invested in the friendship between Kevin Hart and John Cena!! They looked like they had a lot of fun as a duo!! 

Kevin Hart with The Rock or John Cena

Kevin has found himself a new partner in crime for the upcoming season of Roku’s Die Hart (appropriately named Die Hart II: Die Harter), it’s John Cena you have that figured out by now. 

With their undeniable comedic talents, these two are sure to bring the laughs on screen. 

However, this casting choice also serves as a reminder of Cena’s legendary rivalry with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who happens to be a longtime collaborator and close friend of Kevin Hart.

So I am wondering if Hart’s friendship with The Rock has been swayed by his building a relationship with John Cena?

Kevin Hart and John Cena 

While wrestling may involve scripted elements, the feud between John Cena and The Rock was undeniably real. 

It all began when Cena accused Johnson of not prioritizing the wrestling world enough, as his movie career was taking off. 

However, now that Cena finds himself in a similar situation, he has admitted that his previous comments were misinformed. 

He even acknowledges The Rock for helping him secure his first major movie role in Trainwreck. 

Kevin Hart also has his own playful feud with The Rock, where the two friends enjoy trolling each other online. 

Oh and no friendship has been swayed they still are the same old friends. 

Kevin and John’s friendship 

OMG, in the movie, they’re totally not friends! At first, the wrestler dude acts all nice to Hart, but really he’s just giving him bad advice to help out Kevin’s stun man Dug. 

And then Dug gets fired because of the actor’s huge ego. Like, drama alert! Oops, spoiler alert, but like, sorry not sorry!

Checking out the bromance vibes between John Cena and Kevin Hart in the movie and interviews, here’s what’s up:

Eye Contact: They’re all about that eye contact, showing mad respect and interest.

Smiling and Laughter: Always grinning and cracking up, proving they’re tight.

Proximity and Leaning In: They stay leaning in, showing they’re all in and close.

Gestures and Touch: Lots of friendly gestures and touches, proving they’re homies for real.

All these signs point to a legit friendship between John Cena and Kevin Hart.

John Cena and Kevin Hart are like besties, you know? They talk to each other in such a chill and funny way, it’s obvious they’re super close. 

They always have this friendly and light-hearted tone, cracking jokes left and right. It’s like they’re totally comfortable and have this awesome camaraderie. 

Sometimes they even talk over each other, but it’s not rude or anything, just natural and shows how well they know each other. 

And the way they support each other with their words is so cool. They’re always affirming and showing respect and admiration. 

These cues in their convo just prove that their friendship is the real deal, and it’s all positive vibes. 

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