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Joe Jonas Will Find Love Again Even Though He Got ‘Saddies’ Due to Sophie Turner and Stormie Bree


Joe Jonas is totally opening up about how the divorce hit him hard. 

He’s turning to music to deal with his feelings, dropping a sneak peek of a fresh tune on TikTok. 

From the snippet, it looks like he’s pouring his heart out about the end of his marriage, or maybe even his ex-girlfriend Stormie Bree, reports. 

In the snippet of the song, Joe Jonas is pouring his heart out about heartbreak and the struggle of moving on. 

The lyrics hit you right in the feels, showing his raw emotions and how he’s keeping it real about the tough times he’s facing. 

Fans are totally here for Joe, giving him major props for being brave enough to share his feelings through his music.

 It’s obvious that Joe is using his tunes as a way to heal, letting himself process his emotions and come to grips with the end of his relationship. 

Even though it’s a rough patch for him, it’s super inspiring to witness him turning his pain into something artistic and therapeutic.

As he keeps grinding on new music, fans can definitely expect to hear more of Joe’s personal journey and his thoughts on love, heartbreak, and moving forward. 

And who knows, this song might just be the beginning of a fresh chapter for Joe Jonas, both in his personal life and his career.

Braking down ‘Even baddies get saddies’

Joe is feeling super down, like really, really down. The lyrics totally show how Joe’s sadness is so real that it’s making everyone around him feel awkward. 

It’s clear that Joe’s emotions are seriously messing with his social life and relationships.

Reference to Divorce 

Even though the lyrics don’t straight-up say it, they kinda hint at a divorce. 

The way Joe feels so deeply sad and helpless totally matches the rollercoaster of emotions that come with a divorce. It’s all about feeling super bummed, alone, and totally lost, just like the song says.

Sophie and Joe 

“Even Baddies Get Saddies”

It is such a deep phrase, you know? Let me break it down for you:

“Baddies”: It’s like this cool slang we use nowadays to describe people, especially women, who are super attractive, confident, and seem to have it all together. They’re like these tough cookies who can handle anything that comes their way.

“Get Saddies”: This is like a casual way of saying they go through moments of sadness or feeling down.

When you put these phrases together, it’s like a reality check. It shows that no matter how strong or confident someone appears on the outside, they still go through emotional pain and vulnerability. 

It’s a reminder that even the toughest “baddies” can have their moments of deep sadness or “saddies.”

More Analysis

Family Engagement: Bringing up Joe’s parents’ call and their inability to assist highlights the sense of helplessness and the depth of Joe’s emotional turmoil. 

Joe and Stormie 

This gives more depth to the story, revealing that even immediate family members are unsure how to help, a common occurrence after major life changes like divorce.

Desire for Invisibility: Wanting to disappear shows a longing to avoid overwhelming feelings and social obligations, suggesting the intense inner battle Joe is facing.

Jonas’ recent relationship failed due to falling out and not having time for one another. While his divorce is well there are many reasons behind it and through the song Joe kind of finds it hard to move on. 

His feeling got hurt but he is a baddie he will get up and find love again even though he got the saddies.

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