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Jeremy Allen White’s Dating History: Adding Me to the Mix!


Can we talk about how Jeremy Allen White is just *chef’s kiss* especially after those Calvin Klein pics came out? Obsessed!

Just finished binging season three of ‘The Bear’ and now I can’t stop thinking about him.

Oh, and fans are still rooting for Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto and Sydney Adamu to end up together. Despite other love interests in Season 2, the SydCarmy ship remains strong.

The actor is so chill, sweet, and cool in real life – totally get why everyone is obsessed. 

I’m a hardcore fan more and more each day. Not sure why Jeremy doesn’t feel the same way about me, but I guess that’s just how it is. He’ll come around eventually. 

If you’re curious about his exes, you’re in luck: Check out Jeremy Allen White’s dating past and current relationship status, reports. 

Ayo Edebiri

A clip went viral on social media, featuring White and Edebiri chilling at a Chicago Cubs baseball game. 

They were joined by their fellow cast members, sitting side by side, and White had his arm casually draped around Edebiri’s chair. 

He even gave her a back rub at one point, causing a frenzy online.

Despite fans shipping them both on and off-screen, White and Edebiri have made it clear that they’re just really good pals and colleagues.

Ayo and Jeremy


We don’t know if their romance is still in the room with us! Then we did a little snooping around and discovered that they do follow one another on Instagram!! 

Jeremy and La Rosalía were spotted together in October 2023, sparking romance rumors after they were seen watching a movie at Los Feliz Theater and having dinner at Little Dom’s. 

They were later photographed hanging out at the flea market, sharing cigarettes, kissing, and walking around NYC in stylish all-black outfits.

A few months back we like to think Allen White played tribute to Rosalia by walking the red carpet looking all dashing in his suit sporting a red rose just above his heart!

Despite all this, neither of them have addressed the nature of their relationship. We’re keeping a close eye on this situation! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Jeremy and Rosalia

Ashley Moore

Jeremy Allen White loves to buy flowers for all his girls.

Jeremy and Ashley were seen getting cozy in public, despite Jeremy’s recent split from Addison. 

They were spotted out and about multiple times over the summer, and they were really into each other.

Ashley and Allen White

A Love Triangle 

It was said that Allen White might have been involved in a love triangle with model Ashley Moore and singer Rosalía. 

Speculation about White’s romantic entanglements had grown after he was seen with both women in various settings.

Addison Timlin

Jeremy Allen White has been in a serious relationship with actress Addison Timlin. They first met while working on the 2008 film “Afterschool” and grew close over time. 

Their friendship turned into romance, leading to their marriage in October 2019 in an intimate ceremony surrounded by loved ones. 

White and Timlin welcomed their first child, Ezer Billie White, in October 2018. Their family grew with the arrival of their second daughter, Dolores Wild White, in December 2020. 

Both White and Timlin have shared glimpses of their family life on social media, demonstrating their strong connection and dedication to each other. 

However, it came as a surprise when the news of the divorce between them was announced. 

The love that they felt deep in their bones for one another came to an end after Addison filed for divorce in 2023. 

Addison and Jeremy

Emma Greenwell

Jeremy used to date Emma when they were both on Shameless. They were all cute together on red carpets and stuff, but then they stopped posting pics together in 2014. We all thought they split up!


Jeremy Allen White and I have been lowkey vibing for a minute now. The only issue is he has no clue I’m even in the picture. But hey, being a little delulu is the selulu to all my problems!

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