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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Marriage Issues Are Just a PR Stunt


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been having troubles in paradise!!

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been causing a stir in the media with rumors of their marriage hitting a rough patch, reports. 

Sadly, Lopez’s recent album flop and her connection with Sean Diddy Combs have taken a toll on her relationship. 

So I am starting to think all of this is some sort of PR strategy to divert the attention from her career downfall using all the elements she has in hand.

This couple has stood the test of time, breaking up once only to find their way back to each other years later. Now, they are deeply in love.

Changing tour details and canceling it  

Two months ago, JLo decided to cancel the final seven shows of her tour. Then in April, the tour name was changed from This Is Me…Now to This Is Me … Live: The Greatest Hits.” 

It’s no surprise that people are speculating about the divorce rumors surrounding her and Ben. Some believe that these rumors were created to divert attention from her career struggles. 

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to face speculation and rumors, especially during difficult times in their careers. 

Young Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Divorce rumors or personal life distractions can sometimes be used as a tactic to shift focus away from professional setbacks. 

If Lopez is seen performing in half-empty arenas, it will damage her reputation. Canceling the tour may have actually been a decision to avoid a bigger public relations disaster.

The divorce has something to do with Sean Diddy 

Her music career was propelled by P. Diddy and Tommy Mottola. However, P. Diddy is currently facing police scrutiny due to allegations of sexual assault and sex trafficking. 

On the other hand, Tommy Mottola’s marriage to Mariah Carey at a young age led to abuse and isolation.

 After Carey left him, he sabotaged her career by promoting Jennifer Lopez as a singer, having Lopez release songs similar to Carey’s before Carey could. 

Not to forget that Jlo and Diddy dated for two years

Jennifer had a gut feeling that Diddy was being unfaithful, and she couldn’t envision a future with him. 

She didn’t want to be left at home, wondering where he was, especially if they had children together, so they broke up.

Diddy and JLO

Now the rumors of Lopez and Affleck having trouble in their marriage are coming after Diddy’s allegations of sexual assault and sex trafficking. 

Many are wondering if Jennifer Lopez is going to get charged because, at the 1999 Times Square shooting, she had allegedly carried a gun into the club. 

So the whole marriage problem will serve as a diversion to whatever involvement JLO has with Diddy. 

Liking IG posts about broken relationships 

Lopez has been going around Instagram liking posts from relationship experts. 

The post she liked recently mentions the qualities that she thinks are shared by individuals who struggle to form healthy relationships. 

These qualities include integrity, emotional safety, ignoring your texts and calls, only communicating when it benefits them, and being unsure of what they want. 

Low album sales 

Lopeze’s latest album was kind of a flop!! It had a truly terrible start on the Billboard 200, landing at a disappointing No. 38. 

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

It’s quite a steep decline for someone who used to dominate the pop scene, especially considering her successful debut with “On the 6” back in 1999. “This Is Me… Now” only managed to sell 14,000 copies. 

The best way to divert attention from her declining career was to implement a PR plan where she and Ben have an on-again, off-again relationship, shifting the focus away from the album, her history with Diddy, and the canceled tour. 

Elsa Gecaj
Elsa Gecaj
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