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HJ Evelyn and Fred Liu Have Broken Up


Not every story ends happily ever after. 

HJ Evelyn is our favorite content creator however truth to be told I only subscribed to her channel for Frevelyn content.

OMG, I can’t even! Evelyn and her BF, Fred Liu, are officially over! She spilled the tea in her latest YouTube video, where she spilled all the deets about her chill week and what she’s been up to.

I was honestly hoping that the breakup rumors wouldn’t turn out to be true. But in the end, we have to accept reality.

I genuinely loved the relationship between Evelyn and Fred, and I truly believed that the two would make it work. 

Life can be so unpredictable. It’s a bit sad to know that the Frevelyn journey has come to an end, reports. 

When she brought up the breakup, you could totally tell from the way she spoke that it was really tough for her. 

Evelyn spilled the beans that they both agreed on it after thinking long and hard, and she even requested some time to process everything. 

On top of that, she made it clear that she wouldn’t spill any tea about her and Fred’s relationship. 

She asked everyone to back off and stop bombarding her with questions and DMs about what happened. 

Evelyn and Fred’s best moments as a couple

When it comes to knowing that two people are in a relationship leave it up to their fans. 

Their followers knew for a while they were together and have commented on multiple posts of them that they would act surprised if they confirmed their relationship, but were never ready for the news of their break up. 

However, let’s look at some of their cute moments as a couple and then let go of all the memories and just let them be.


Smelled each other’s breath ????

♬ Cuss a lil METAL edition – Matt Bevan

Evelyn introduced Fred to her fans

It was just last year when these two confirmed their relationship through this cute video, and Fred even used Evelyn’s phrase to address her fans, he went ‘Hello Catcakes’!! 

These two decided to play a game by not revealing Fred’s face and would make fun by telling everyone that he was taller than Fred and better than him. 

Ain’t catching us slip we knew from the voice that it was Fred and they took us along with them to a date night together!!

They denied they were dating

The vibes were so real before they made it official and dropped that video playing ‘Never Have I Ever’ juicy edition. Fred was totally crushing on Evelyn and it was lowkey adorable.

Who knows Evelyn better?

Well, that game was won by her sisters.

However it was very adorable seeing Fred interact with her sister, you could feel that they were one family. 

Oh and the way Evelyn would cling to him was just too cute for words!!

Traveling together 

They went to Switzerland the part that is close to Italy and they enjoyed some time alone. 

This is the first time we get to see Fred’s jealous side which is just adorable all the while Evelyn was just teasing him.


Forced him to do this and now he hates me ????

♬ Magic In The Hamptons – Social House

Halloween costumes

This one was their best moment together. 

We got to see them dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf!! Fred was dressed as the wolf pretending to be the girl’s grandmother while Evelyn was dressed as Red Hood. 

Evelyn’s content 

When she was still dating Fred, she used to post a lot of content about her relationship and their travels, date nights, and Q&A. 

In total, she has over 3.8 million subscribers on YouTube, about 1.2 million followers on Instagram, and 3. 2 million followers on TikTok. 

She still has content she created with Fred up on her social media even though they confirmed their break up. 

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