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EXCLUSIVE: Steps Prince Harry Must Take to Repair Relationship with King Charles


To fix things between Prince Harry and King Charles, Harry needs to step up and show he’s serious about making amends.

Ray Hennessey, an executive partner at Vocatus and author of “Beyond Sorry: How to Own Up, Make Good and Move Forward After a Crisis.” 

Hennessey outlines a series of steps that Harry should follow to demonstrate his commitment to reconciliation and rebuild trust with his father, reports. 

King Charles III and Prince Harry

Taking the First Step

Prince Harry gotta step up and take charge if he wants to kickstart the healing process and make things right.

“It’s a given that he wants to repair the relationship, but he also has to show that he understands where he went wrong and show tangibly how he has learned from it and will work hard at the relationship in the future,” Hennessey advises. 

This involves not just expressing remorse but demonstrating through actions that he values the relationship.

Importance of Open Communication

Ray says that it’s super important to be open and honest when communicating. 

But in situations like this (the one between King Charles and his son), where it’s a big deal and everyone’s watching, you gotta assume that your private convo with your dad will end up being public. 

Normally, it’s already tough to fix a relationship, but now it’s gonna be even harder with all these extra complications and everyone watching. 

But hey, Ray suggests being straightforward about it. Don’t worry about what the gossip magazines say or all the fancy stuff. Just speak from your heart, straight up.

Dealing With Previous Resentments

Harry needs to be careful when dealing with past issues to avoid causing more pain or anger.

“If Prince Harry has made a mistake, it’s allowing outsiders to know and telegraph his grievances with his father, and let them play out publicly. If he wants to address things effectively, he needs to do so personally” said Hennessey. 

King Charles with his sons

Confidential and private discussions are crucial for achieving real solutions.

Trust and Respect Need to be Rebuilt 

According to Ray ‘Trust is never something that comes overnight. It takes time, effort, and frequent communication’. 

During this rebuilding process, it will be crucial to have consistent and confidential discussions.

Handling Public and Media Scrutiny

Hennessey recommends that Harry and Charles prioritize mending their personal relationship over worrying about public opinion, considering the intense media attention they have been under.

“For better or worse, Harry and Charles are in a very public position, but they should ignore the headlines and pundit and not worry about public perception, which is far less than personal reconciliation,” he advises.

Proving He Is Sorry 

Harry needs to do more than just say sorry if he wants to truly show remorse.

According to Ray “Harry must absolutely not only say he is sorry but prove it. He should start by owning his actions and his words and take responsibility for them”

“Then he has to make good for the harm he caused and truly prove in his actions that his relationship with his father matters. Only then can he move forward,” he added. 

The King and the Prince

Setting Boundaries 

Setting limits to safeguard their personal connection from outside influences is difficult yet crucial. 

“When you are royalty, you are always in the public eye. Once they show that they have reconciled, assuming they do, the media will likely look for any small sign that the relationship is still fragile” Hennessy points out.

Involving Other Family Members

Harry and Charles must establish limits for their reconciliation, even if other family members have also played a role in the strained relationship.

“So many of the family contributed to the problems that it will be up to Harry and Charles to set boundaries with others around their relationship” Ray states. 

So basically, fixing things between Prince Harry and King Charles is going gonna be super tough because they’re like super famous and stuff. 

But if they just talk it out, show some real regret, and promise to keep it real with each other, there might be a chance for them to make up for real. 

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