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Ewan Mitchell and Tom Glynn-Carney vs Aemond and Aegon Targaryen Relationship


The new season of ‘House of Dragon’ is just perfect.

And do you know what else is perfect, Ewan Mitchell and Tom Glynn Carney, and how good their acting is!!

The House of the Dragon brothers are giving off major vibes of those iconic British rockstars who never actually rocked. 

Ewan Mitchell, 27, standing tall at six feet, and his sidekick Tom Glynn-Carney, 29, a bit shorter but still looking hella proper. They ain’t just Aemond and Aegon Targaryen, they’re the real deal in this life. 

You can say I have fallen in love with them, in the fictional world and the real world too!! 

Mitchell and Glynn-Carney have been hyping each other up for their skills and how they vibed so well together on set, reports. 

They’ve been gushing about how they fed off each other’s energy and created a lit partnership that took their performances to the next level.

Playing brothers with a complicated relationship on House of the Dragon, Mitchell and Glynn-Carney have been spilling the tea on how they tackled the intense dynamics and brought authenticity to their characters’ interactions.

Their friendship and chemistry have been key in making their characters come alive on screen, and it’s obvious that their bond has really elevated the storytelling of House of the Dragon.

Tom and Ewan 

On-screen Chemistry and the Dynamics 

The vibes between them on “House of the Dragon” are so real, both actors are killing it with their performances that really show the drama and depth of their characters’ connection. 

Aemond and Aegon II Targaryen’s rivalry is so intense, and Mitchell and Glynn-Carney totally nail it with their acting chops.

It’s clear they have a strong bond off-screen, which really shines through in their on-screen chemistry.

Do Ageon and Aemond Love Each Other(as siblings)? 

As children, Aegon used to see Aemond as a lonely nerd and would bully him along with his Strong/Velaryon nephews. 

Aemond, on the other hand, viewed Aegon as a troublemaker and didn’t like him much. The bullying really affected Aemond, so they didn’t have a close bond growing up. 

However, as adults (even though Aemond should logically be 16), their relationship changes. 

Aegon can no longer bully Aemond, as he is now bigger and has Vhagar and better fighting skills. With the bullying stopping, their relationship probably improves a bit. 

After the Driftmark incident, Aegon must have realized that no one really cares about him or his full siblings and that they need to stick together and fight for each other. 


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So, he covers for his brother and mother by diverting attention away from them. 

When a ten-year-old Aemond, who was recently mutilated, tries to ease the tension between his mother and others, it shows a shift in their relationship. 

In the dinner scene in episode 8, when Aegon provokes Jace, Aemond stands up in solidarity. It’s like a “my brother may be trash, but only I can say that” kind of vibe. 

Mess with Aemond, and you mess with Aegon. When Jace punches Aemond, Luke tries to help Jace, but this time Aegon defends his brother. 

There’s a sense of brotherly protectiveness in both of them. They have definitely changed. Aemond only speaks ill of Aegon in private to a trusted father figure, never in public. 

In public, he expresses his loyalty and vows to protect his brother’s throne at Storm’s End. He may want what Aegon has, but he never tries to take it from him. Their bond is one of brotherly loyalty.

Are They Jealous Of One Another?

I think it’s not really about jealousy, but more about Aemond feeling disappointed by what he sees as Aegon not living up to the responsibilities of being the heir to the Iron Throne. 

How many times did we see them together before Episode 9? Almost never, right? 

Aemond passed the responsibility to Aegon in Episode 7 (just to protect his mother) and sighed “Aegon!!” when Aegon was talking about creatures with long legs. It’s disappointment.

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 If you’ve ever been at a family dinner with a younger sibling who’s the favorite, has their life together, is ambitious while you’re the slacker, procrastinator, and underachiever… then you can understand this dynamic. 

And no, I don’t think House Of The Dragon will take the “Aemond betrays Aegon” path. 

I think that despite feeling frustrated when the war goes south and believing he could rule better, Aemond will still fulfill his family duty and support his brother. 

Off-screen Chemistry 

Ewan Mitchell and Tom Glynn-Carney are like besties off-screen. You can totally see their tight bond in interviews when they talk about each other and show mad love for each other’s skills. 

Their off-screen connection really brings out the realness in their on-screen relationship, making their characters’ interactions hella deep.

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