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Dalton Gomez and Maika Monroe – The Truth About Their Alleged Romance


Until death separates us to thank you next!

While Ariana Grande’s love with Ethan is going levels up,  her ex-husband Dalton Gomez is not one to be left behind in the dating game. His love life is sizzling too!   

Gomez had a steamy weekend at the beginning of the month! Rumor has it that he was caught locking lips with the lovely actress Maika Monroe at none other than Jumbo’s Clown Room in LA. 

However, this is not the only time these two were caught together. No, a few days after their outing they took their date to another restaurant, reports. 

The duo was spotted at Laurel Hardware enjoying dinner in each other’s company.  It looks like they are really dating. Spotted together two times in the span of five days, there is something here.  

Deuxmoi's spy text about Dalton's second date with Maika

Deuxmoi’s spy text about Dalton’s second date with Maika

Dalton and Maika were seen on their second date by DeuxMoi’s spies, who also saw them on their first date when they were packing the PDA in public.   

Fans have taken to different media platforms to express how happy they are that Gomez is moving on after his divorce has been finalized.

Here are some of the comments fans wrote on Reddit:


glad he’s moved on but I really hope he doesn’t turn into a Pete Davidson type..he already kinda looks like him.  


I’m waiting for all her deranged psychotic stans to start shitting on Dalton and sending death threats to Maika because “he moved on way too fast, he was totally cheating on Ariana” when he at least waited until the divorce was finalized to get a pap shot of him kissing a new girl


He’s def moving on, good for him! 

They sure were seen getting cozy with each other a few times however, their reps have yet to confirm their relationship. 

Dalton and Maika on their PDA date

Dalton and Maika on their PDA date

Maika Monro used to be linked to Joe Keery and while it might seem weird that she is dating Dalton the news of her and Joe breaking up was never made official. 

They might have broken up, but Maika still has Joe’s photos that she posted on her Instagram page. 

The news of Dalton’s second date that happened away from the public eye came after Ariana Grande’s PDA dinner date with Ethan Slater. 

Elsa Gecaj
Elsa Gecaj
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