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Courtney Miller and Shayne Topp Are a Couple and Just Got Married!!


Is it just me, or are Courtney Miller and Shayne Topp from Smosh playing the ultimate game of cat and mouse with our hearts? Let’s see how long they can keep up this charade!

Yesterday, Shayne and Courtney thought they could fool us with their Instagram announcement that they’re married, reports.

 But come on, it was April Fools’ Day!

They even had the audacity to caption it ‘Obviously 3.29.24’ as if we wouldn’t catch on. Nice try, but we’re not buying it. 

However, I must admit, their wedding attire and proposal pictures did make it quite convincing. So, being the expert detectives that we are, we decided to dig deeper into their social media history. 

We analyzed their content together, stalked their profiles, and even tapped into our dating expertise (thanks to that one class in college). 

And guess what? There’s definitely something fishy going on between these two. It can’t just be friendship, there’s gotta be some lovey-dovey stuff happening. I mean, come on, just friends? That explanation doesn’t sit well with me at all!

Courtney and Shayne announced their marriage on April Fool’s Day!

A social media analysis that proves Courtney and Shayne are an item

For nearly a decade, those Smosh stars have been shutting down dating rumors left and right. But you know what? Deep down, their fans have been secretly shipping them like crazy.

They might have been close friends for a while and only recently realized they had romantic feelings for each other, which is why they decided to announce their marriage. 

Relationships and emotions can change over time, so what was true in the past may not reflect their current circumstances.

Guess what? I’ve been noticing Courtney rocking a ring lately, and I went on a little stalking spree on her page until I found the exact moment when she went from ringless to ringed. 

Miller was last seen without a ring on January 10th, but lo and behold, on February 16th, I spotted a suspiciously similar ring on her finger (the same ring as in the marriage pgotos). Could it be a Valentine’s Day proposal? 

Those wedding photos might be playing tricks on us, but Courtney just had to go and post something about a “silly day for a silly couple,” which only adds fuel to my suspicion that they’re dating. 

Shay and Court shared a passionate kiss for the camera

And can we please discuss their body language in those photos? The way they hold each other’s waists, the comfort they exude, those smiles that could light up a room. And don’t even get me started on that kiss!

 They’re clinging onto each other as their lives depend on it, exchanging a passionate smooch. It’s pretty clear to me that they’ve committed to each other.

Looks like the proposal went down during a hike, and then we had to do some serious scrolling on Shayne’s page to find that one gem of a photo with the mustache. And let me tell you, Courtney’s side bangs were on point around that time too!

Why am I even bothering to point out the proposal picture? I mean, come on, you can see the mustache and how the actress’s bangs are just flying all over the place. The signs are here that it happened way before!!

We also scrolled down on Courtney’s page and were not disappointed to find out that during March she started wearing the ring, she has it in a few photos, and in some, she does not.

Overall there is not much presence of the two on one another’s social media except for a few posts here and there.

Courtney and Shayne are a couple!

Their friendship is goals! I mean, they can laugh off all the shipping rumors without breaking a sweat. And let’s not forget how hilarious they are together. But seriously, is there anything these two can’t do?

Apparently, there is, they can not hide the fact that they are attracted to one another (finally the relationship course I took in college is paying off)!!

Based on the content where we got to see the two sharing the screen there is a strong connection between the two, they have similar yet different personalities. 

The proposal 

I’ve been a fan of Smosh for a while now, and it’s clear that Courtney had a thing for Shayne at the start. But as time went on and Shayne didn’t make a move, she lost interest. 

Courtney is upfront about her feelings, while Shayne is more reserved. I ship them because whenever they’re in a video together, you can see they have a special connection.

They’ve mentioned they don’t want to date anyone in the cast to keep things professional. I’ve noticed moments where one pays more attention to the other, especially Shayne when they first joined Smosh. 

Maybe he found Courtney attractive or genuinely liked her. I believe they could have a great relationship if they gave it a shot. 

The couple has known one another for over a decade 

They have a playful bond that’s crucial in a relationship – attraction is important, but so is being comfortable with each other.

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