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Camila Cabello’s ‘June Gloom’ Is Totally About Shawn Mendes


Who here has jammed out to ‘June Gloom’ by Camila Cabello? 

Alright, for those who have, can we just talk about how the song totally screams Shawn Mendes vibes?! 

Camila actually performed this track live for the first time at ‘ROCK IN RIO LISBOA 2024’ before its official release. 

She spilled the tea on the song’s meaning, revealing that it’s about one of her exes, reports. 

But hold up, before we dive into the drama, let’s break down what ‘June Gloom’ actually means!! 

‘June Gloom’ is a term used in SoCal to describe the cloudy, cool weather in late spring and early summer. 

So, picture this: Camila and her ex (aka Shawn Mendes, maybe?) were strolling on the beach with a bottle of booze in hand when the gloom hit. 

It was a deserted beach and at that point, Cabello did not know if she was drunk on him or the alcohol. 

And that’s how the idea for the song was born, even though they’ve both moved on and healed from the breakup.

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello

Shawmila was a thing until 2021, but then it fizzled out. However, they gave it another shot in 2023, but it didn’t last long. 

Shawn and Camila have poured their hearts out in songs about each other (seriously, their music is basically a love letter exchange).

So, like, even though they broke up a while ago, it seems like Camila still has some stuff to say. 

So, is Camila’s new bop “June Gloom” totally about Shawn? Here’s my take on the song after dissecting its lyrics. 

Braking Down ‘June Gloom’ lyrics 

Camila Cabello’s track delves into the rollercoaster of emotions in a chaotic relationship filled with love, longing, and envy.

The gloomy, foggy backdrop and the mention of “Meet me in Montauk” create a melancholic vibe, hinting at a wish for a fresh start. 

The speaker is deeply affected by the other person’s words, showing inner turmoil. 

The introduction of a third party sparks jealousy and pain, likening their bond to a raging house fire that keeps growing.

For those who don’t know, Shaw Mendes has been getting cozy with Dr Jocelyne Miranda!!

The pre-chorus calls out the other person’s motives and emotions, pointing out the mixed signals they’re sending. 

Camila is left wondering why, if the new girl is so amazing, the other person is still reaching out to them. This shows a lack of confidence and uncertainty about the other person’s true feelings. 

The chorus takes it up a notch by comparing the speaker’s fiery and deep interactions with the other person to those with the new girl, questioning if the new relationship can measure up to the intensity of theirs. 

Cabello recognizes the special bond and physical closeness they have, confessing that the other person is the best but secretly hoping they find something better, even if they’re not entirely convinced. 

In the second verse, the singer goes like “Wow, this person is way better than anyone else I’ve been with.” 

She’s low-key hoping things will work out, but she’s acting all nonchalant to protect herself. 

Deep down, though, this person is always on her mind. The struggle to move on while still being hung up on them is real.

Mendes and Cabello 

The bridge is all about a total emotional breakdown, showing how the speaker is stuck in a mess with this person. 

Remembering all the good times, she knows their relationship has always been rocky. This song is basically about her rollercoaster of emotions, dealing with jealousy, longing, and the struggle to let go of a love that might not be healthy. 

The constant questioning and emotional chaos just show how deep her feelings run and how hard it is to find closure. 

Elsa Gecaj
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