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Brent Rivera and Pierson Wodzynski – Friendship Goals or Boyfriend and Girlfriend Goals


Are they dating or are they creating content as friends?

Brent Rivera and his rumored girlfriend Pierson Wodzynski have given a lot of mixed signals about their relationship status with some bomb statements.

Since 2020 for three straight years we all thought Rivera was very much romantically involved with Pierson, reports.

The joke was on us when the female YouTuber clarified at the start of last year that they are simply friends who collaborate for content. 

In January 2023, Pierson appeared as a guest on ‘The Good Boys Podcast’ and shared about her and Brent’s attempt at being together, which didn’t work out.

Their busy schedules and Wodzynski’s jealousy make it difficult for them to be in a relationship. 

She further explained that if she were to date Brent, he would have to change his content because it involves interacting with other girls. 

She doesn’t want her boyfriend kissing other girls while being in a relationship with her.

These are the reasons why it won’t work between them.

However, the more they post together the more I get suspicious about their relationship status and where they stand with one another, but we will explain this later!!

The clues say Brent and Pierson are dating 

I know Pierson said she and Brent are not dating, but the content they post is giving me mixed signals. 

Have you seen the engagement post and where it happened (Disney land)? I feel so much chemistry between these two that I would love to see them together.

Brent Rivera does a lot of content with girls and from what I have noticed a lot of it includes Piersn on it. 

Every time they kiss on camera, go on trips and make couples content, they are always by each other’s side. 

It has made many people, not just me, wonder if these two are subtly starting their romance. 

They have embraced various couple trends, such as the one where you go out alone and don’t spend much money, but if you go with your girlfriend, all the money goes towards shopping, coffee, food, and other things. 

Or the other one where the man teaches a lesson to the girl on how to sit, eat, and close the doors of the car by using her makeup.

And that posts about how Pierson is everything and he is just Ken or the one where she plays the role of the jealous girlfriend and a whole lot of photos where they look so good together.

It got us confused and we wish that this means they are soft-launching their relationship!!

How Brent and Pierson met

Brent and Pierson crossed paths while filming a dating show called ‘Date Takeover’. Pierson participated as a contestant in one of the episodes. 

The concept of the show revolved around Lexi, Brent’s younger sister, selecting who would go on a date with Brent, and in the end, Pierson emerged as the winner. 

When the show started, all contestants introduced themselves and threw a pick-up line along the way. 

Wodzynski’s line was on point, it went somewhere along the lines of ‘I’m Pierson and Brent you are piercing my heart,’ the Youtuber seed to like it very much. 

Brent and Lexi’s hearts were struck by the first arrow!

The second arrow found its mark when it came to picking a sports car, and Pierson chose Rivera’s favorite, the McLaren! 

Then came the red flag question, and Pierson made a great choice. A little humor is always needed in a relationship, so if you can’t be corny with your partner, how will it work? Brent gave his point to Pierson in this round.

Following that, Lexi and Brent watched a video of the female YouTuber who had a great sense of humor. 

Brent and Pierson 

Both of them enjoyed her content, and Rivera noticed a similarity between Pierson and himself as they both loved ‘The Office’.

 Pierson managed to win the competition and earned herself a date with Brent. As time went on, she also got to know Brent’s group of friends.

It’s worth mentioning that Brent Rivera was in a relationship with Eva Gutowski during this period. 

Gradually, Pierson and Brent developed a strong bond, frequently featuring in each other’s videos and social media posts.

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