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Braking Down Brooke Schofield’s 14-Part Series About Clinton Kane and How His New Song Is About Another Ex


Hey guys, get ready for a brand new series called ‘Giving a Reality Check’ hosted by the awesome Brooke Schofield!

A 14-part mini-series on TikTok spillin’ the tea on her and singer-songwriter Clinton Kane’s relationship, reports.

Just finished watching the whole thing and let me tell you, ‘I Guess I Am in Love’ is officially off my wedding playlist. Clinton Kane, you’ve let me down!

I was so ready to have that song as my first dance, feeling all the feels with those deep lyrics and emotional vocals. But now? Nope, not a Clinton Kane fan anymore!

How did it all start and what happened? Well about three days ago, Kane just dropped a TikTok throwing shade at Schofield.

“When you’ve been over the relationship for two years, but she won’t stop yapping,” Clinton captioned his video. 

Brooke and Clinton

The song just dropped and I was shook when I peeped at the music video, there was this girl that kind of looked like Brooke. Can you believe it? 

Oh, and there are even more cute moments caught on camera that are part of the MV, portraying moments of what I think are his and Brook’s romance two years ago!

But before we break down the lyrics of the song let’s break down each part of the 14-part series!!

A Full Breakdown of the 14-Part ‘Who TF did I Marry’ Series 

Part 1

In the first part, Brooke spills the tea that when she was dating Clinton, she was in a totally different phase of her life and dealing with a bunch of stuff.

She spills the beans that she ended up with him because she was low-key a fan of his.

Guess what? Clinton was the one who slid into her DMs and asked her out for dinner, but let me tell you, she didn’t find him all that cute.

And get this, the singer even offered to fly her to Vegas just to have dinner with her! Can you believe it?

Part 2

The TikToker said no, but Kane wasn’t giving up. He kept sliding into her DMs, liking her posts, and all that jazz.

Then out of the blue, he asked her to come to LA to see him perform, and Brooke seized the chance.

Brooke purposely wore the most hideous outfit she could find, trying to look unattractive. When the show ended, Clinton appeared and struck up a conversation with her.

Weirdly enough, Brooke actually started to like him when they met face-to-face, so she went back the next day for another show!

That’s when things got interesting. They got wasted and started making out, and that’s how their relationship began.

Part 3

After the club, they went to grab something to eat and spent about four hours talking. 

During that conversation Kane opens up about his 2020 adventure, telling Brooke that his mother, father, and brother all died in the same year. 

The singer also shared his story of how he was homeless and how he got into music. 

Part 4

That discussion really strengthened their bond. 

Clinton shared with Brooke that he was raised in Perth, Australia in a huge 8-bedroom house and his mother was a pastor. 

He also mentioned that he pursued a degree in medicine. 

The following day, he phoned her to arrange a date! After their outing, he informed her that he tested positive for COVID-19. 

She panicked since they had been kissing, leading to quarantine, so she decided to move in with him in his hotel room. 

Part 5

In part five, Brooke shared how she decided to give him a chance and date him! 

That’s when Kane and Brooke moved to an Airbnb by the beach, and every time she wanted to go back to her apartment to pick up fresh clothes, he would not let her do so. 

That was the first red flag Schofield ignored!

Part 6

This is when they were in a committed relationship. 

They were traveling somewhere and the police had pulled him over, where Brooke discovered that he had lied about his age. 

When nighttime came along, she and Clinton had their first fight because she was looking at her phone and he felt like she was not paying 100% attention due to his story with his mom and how she would ignore him. 

So he threw a big tantrum!

Parts 7 and 8

Schofield felt like he was being coddled! All her focus was on him and she just didn’t feel like her usual self.

She went out for dinner with friends one day, and he sent her a long message about how drunk he was and threatened her that if she didn’t come to him, he would drive drunk and get into an accident.

They were inseparable, and the moment had finally arrived for Kane’s latest album to be released.

During Clinton’s album interview, the interviewer delved into his personal life, questioning him about his family and the challenges he faced, particularly during times of loss.

Soon after, Brooke began receiving direct messages from girls claiming that Kane had been unfaithful to his ex-girlfriend.

Interestingly, Schofield had been misled by Kane, who had falsely accused the girl of cheating on him instead of the other way around.

Parts 9 and 10 

Clinton had slid into Brooke’s DMs when he was still dating his ex, the one he had cheated on. 

Schofield had chosen to stay with him and that’s when things got interesting, the interview Brook mentioned in parts 7 and 8, Clinton begged his manager to take it down. 

So Brooke decided to investigate and that’s how she came across a comment that he was not Australian but in truth, he was from Brunei, and how his mom was still alive!!

Parts 11, 12, 13 and 14

This is the point when Brooke discovers that Clinton Kane has fabricated everything about himself! 

So she wanted to break up with him but at the same time, she loved him!!

Brooke texted him and gave him the opportunity to come clean, which he did not! So she went over to his house and decided to comfort him.

However, she still stayed with him and then slowly discovered that he was cheating on her with so many people! 

This is the reason why they broke up. After Brooke accused him of cheating on her he broke up with her. 

While they were fighting Schofield brought up his family and discovered that his dad was dead but his mother and brother are very much alive. 

They went their separate ways! Clinton Kane really believed that being delulu is the selulu!!

Brooke, being the absolute queen that she is, has been dropping some fire TikToks with Clinton Kane’s latest single that’s all about her. Yasss, slay queen!!

Breaking Down the Lyrics of  ‘I DON’T WANNA LIVE IN A WORLD WITHOUT YOU’

It’s all about that heartbreak and longing after a breakup. The lyrics take you back to all those memories and that unbreakable bond the singer had with their partner. 

But even though they want to get back together, they know deep down that it’s just not gonna happen. 

The song keeps coming back to the idea of not being able to live without the other person, showing how hard it is to move on and find yourself after losing someone so important.

The part right before the chorus and the chorus itself really brings out the intensity of the singer’s emotions and how impossible it feels to imagine life without their partner. 

And then the bridge comes in, showing that internal struggle of trying to let go and find yourself again. 

This song really captures the whole rollercoaster of love, loss, and the tough journey of healing from a relationship that meant everything. 

However, he posted on his Instagram story clarifying that the song is about a relationship he had four years ago and how they connected and the girl even said yes to being part of the music video!

Kane clarifies that the song is not about Brooke 

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