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Bella Hadid’s Secret to Happiness Is Adan Banuelos: A Relationship Timeline


Bella Hadid is in her cowgirl era and she has found herself a riding partner, Adan Banuelos!!

Hadid rocked a country vibe when she joined Banuelos at the American Performance Horseman event, reports.

Sporting a stylish black wide-rimmed cowgirl hat, a sparkly black open-back top, and a Western-inspired turquoise and silver necklace, she perfectly complemented her horse-riding boyfriend. 

The vibes in those pics were off the charts! You could practically feel the sparks flying between them, radiating love and positivity for miles.

I swear, as I was casually scrolling through my feed and saw the picture, I couldn’t help but think this could totally pass as the poster for a cheesy rom-com on Netflix, Hulu, or even Hallmark.

The plot would go like this:  A global supermodel with a mysterious past decides to revisit her equestrian roots, only to cross paths with Adan~, the offspring of a renowned horse-riding legend. Will they end up getting hitched? Or is he just playing games?

Banuelos and Hadid share an intimate moment at the American Performance Horseman event

Adan and Bella both have that glow in their faces that screams they have found their forever home in one another. 

Since the romance screams, the heart of a horse girl trapped in a top model’s body crosses paths with a small-town rider unafraid of the big city, let’s see how it started and how it is going between the two!!! 

March 8, 2024: It’s official

Hadid and Banuelos soft-launched their relationship last week.

Bella Hadid hopped on the horse as a loving girlfriend during Adan Banuelos’ most recent horseback riding competition.

Hadid made an appearance at the American Performance Horseman by Teton Ridge at Texas’ Globe Life Field on Friday, March 8. 

She embraced the country vibes with her fun outfit, sporting a brown halter top and leather pants that matched her brown cowboy hat. She was seen energetically rooting for Banuelos’ performance.

After Adan took the win home, the couple was seen having a cute moment between the two. Hadid had her hands around Banuelos’s cheeks while he was hugging her close from the waist.

While they were having this adorable moment between the two, Yolanda (Bella’s mother) was in the back taking pictures of the two.

Bella Hadid in her cowgirl era glowing 

January 25, 2024: Bella’s Instagram launch 

Who needs the press when you have social media to make it official!!

Bella Hadid made her relationship with Adan Banuelos Instagram official in the first month of 2024 and since then he has been part of a lot of the model’s posts.

They are not afraid to flaunt their love for one another and almost every Instagram post they have made is them showing some PDA. 

Adan posts a picture of his girlfriend on Instagram after she attended an event where he was competing 

February 5, 2024: Adan calls Hadid his girl

Banuelos first post about Bella was one where he congratulated her for winning third place while calling her ‘our girl.’

He posted a video compilation of her best moments including pictures where the two are hugging and sharing intimate moments between them. 

The thing is that in this post, Youlanda left a comment too telling everyone how proud she is of her daughter and her coach leaving room to understand that the family approves of her relationship!!

Comments from friends are hard to miss on their Instagram posts, almost all of them point out how happy Bella looks and how proud they are of her and what she is doing.

February 16, 2024: Birthday throwback 

The two love birds did celebrate Valentine’s Day together!! 

However, what’s important is a post Bella shared of her and her boyfriend including the family celebrating her birthday together.

The pictures were throwbacks from October 2023 but the timing of them being posted was kind of interesting. 

When I say interesting is that they were published on Adan’s birthday!!! To me, it sounded more like a birthday wish than a throwback. 

Bella and Adan celebrated their first Valentine’s together

October 2023: Bella and Adan are said to be dating

Hadid and Adan were spotted strutting down the street, rocking their cowboy attire and radiating love vibes.

They were practically inseparable, holding hands, smooching, and showering each other with hugs. It was clear that they were head over heels for each other!

Now, let’s not forget that Bella has been battling Lyme disease and undergoing therapy. But it seems like she’s bounced back after her treatment. And guess what? 

She found love in the arms of Adan, just three months after her breakup with Marc Kalman. Talk about a quick rebound!

So, how did these lovebirds cross paths? Well, it’s highly likely that Bella met Adan at one of those thrilling horse-riding competitions in Florida. 

Hadid and Buanuelos’ first public appearance together/TMZ

You know, where she’s been showing off her equestrian skills. Perhaps Adan was minding his own business when this horse enthusiast approached him and started spewing horse facts. 

Just imagine the look on his face! But hey, I’m just kidding! Love has its mysterious ways, and we can only speculate how they really met.

Who is Adan Banuelos?

He’s a well-known horseman from Forth Worth, Texas. He’s not your average rider, he’s a big name in the horse-riding world. 

His father, Ascencion Bañuelos, is a champion horseman who moved to the United States from Mexico at a young age and is still considered one of the greatest. 

Adan, on the other hand, was honored with induction into the National Cutting Horse Association’s Horsemen’s Hall of Fame in 2017, making him one of the youngest members ever. 

Not only that, but he has also been recognized as the “Horseman of the Year” in 2018, 2020, 2021, and 2022. Impressive, right? 

At 35 years old, Adan works as a trainer and is known for preparing animals for competitions and performances. 

Despite his impressive collection of trophies, there isn’t much information about him available on the internet.

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