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Behind the Scenes of Cassie and Diddy’s Relationship


Sean Combs and Cassie’s relationship seems not to have been all flowers and sunshine. Accusations of rape and years of abuse are made against Diddy by Cassie in a lawsuit. 

Casandra Ventura claimed that her ex-boyfriend, Combs, had sexually assaulted and raped her multiple times during their ten-year-long relationship, reports. 

The lawsuit further alleges that Combs had complete control over her life and subjected her to a vicious cycle of abuse, violence, and sex trafficking until their relationship ended in 2018.

She filed a lawsuit on Thursday, claiming that her ex-boyfriend, Mr Combs, put her through a decade of abuse and violence. 

According to the lawsuit Ms. Ventura was sexually assaulted in her own home when she tried to leave him

He frequently physically abused Ms. Ventura, punching, beating, kicking, and stomping on her, which resulted in bruises, burst lips, black eyes, and bleeding. 

This is not all, the rapper also blew up a man’s care after finding out that he had feelings for Cassie. We are talking about Kid Cudi who allegedly had a brief romance with Ventura.

Kid Cudi’s car blew up in his driveway during that period the incident sparked rumors online towards the end of 2012, but there was no official confirmation from those involved.

Puff Daddy made Ms. Ventura participate in sexual activities with male sex workers while he watched and recorded everything.  

Diddy and Cassie attending events together

Diddy and Cassie attended events together

 He also made her carry his gun in her purse to make her feel uneasy and demonstrate his potential danger.  

Additionally, he introduced her to a life filled with excessive alcohol and drug abuse, even making her acquire illegal prescriptions to fulfill his addictions.

But Mr Combs, aka Puff Daddy, is not taking it lying down. He’s denying everything and even accusing her of trying to extort him. 

The attorney of Cassie has confirmed that she has settled with musician and entrepreneur Sean “Diddy” Combs just a day after filing a federal lawsuit in New York. 

No details have been disclosed regarding their settlement. 

Diddy and Cassie 10 year relationship

Ms. Ventura crossed paths with Mr. Combs back in 2005, when she was just nineteen and he was a thirty-seven-year-old. He took her under his wing, signing her to his label, Bad Boy Records. 

However, little did she know that this would lead her into a whirlwind of extravagance, fast-paced living, and drug-fueled experiences. 

Not only that, but she found herself in a romantic relationship with him, despite the significant age gap and the fact that he was her boss – one of the most influential figures in the entertainment industry. 

Unfortunately, Mr. Combs turned out to be a cruel and controlling man, almost two decades older than her.

Mr. Combs exerted complete dominance over both Ms. Ventura’s personal and professional life, ensuring that she had no means of escaping his clutches. 

young Cassie-Ventura

Young Cassie Ventura 

Despite enduring years of physical and sexual abuse, Ms. Ventura repeatedly attempted to break free from Mr. Combs’ tight grip on her life. 

However, every time she tried to hide, his extensive network of corporations and affiliated entities managed to track her down, leaving her feeling trapped and helpless.

This romance started as a promising one even though they were on and off for years till they went Instagram official in 2012. 

The rumors mill went into overdrive with whispers of an engagement! Cassie innocently decided to flaunt her fabulous manicure on Twitpic, complete with a large ring on her finger.

But rumors are just rumors and they were quick to be shut by the representatives of Diddy and Cassie. 

In 2014 the news broke out again that they were taking the next step in their relationship after Puff Daddy shared a picture on Instagram of a massive diamond ring.

Again this was shut down and after that new rumors started going around that Mr. Ventura decided to part ways with the rapper due to him not popping the question.

How Cassie’s romantic bond with Diddy affected her 

In just a few months, specifically in February 2006, Ms. Ventura entered into a ten-album agreement with Mr. Combs’s record label.

The debut album of Ms. Ventura, titled Cassie, hit the shelves in August 2006 and made its mark by reaching number four on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart. 

In order to promote the album, Ms. Ventura appeared on popular television shows like MTV and other shows.

However, she faced significant performance anxiety during these appearances, and the media heavily criticized her performances on these shows. 

In September 2007, Mr. Combs thought it was a brilliant idea to take Ms. Ventura out. Reluctantly, she agreed, but couldn’t help but worry about how it would affect her career.

Diddy and Cassie

Diddy and Cassie 

Imagine her surprise when he showed up at her Manhattan apartment in a flashy blue car, already three sheets to the wind.

And just when she thought things couldn’t get any weirder, Mr. Combs decided to play pharmacist and handed her a mysterious pill. When she had the audacity to ask what it was, he simply brushed off her question and assured her it would be a good time.

Little did she know, it was ecstasy – a little something she had never even considered trying. Leave it to Puff Daddy to introduce her to the world of getting high.

As if that wasn’t enough, the rapper then turned into a speed demon, driving like a maniac down the West Side Highway in Manhattan. 

Cassie was absolutely terrified, but she didn’t dare speak up to Diddy, who was clearly out of his mind and on a whole other level. 

While this is one of the many things that according to the lawsuit have happened, Cassie had a lot of problems, especially trauma. 

The only reason she survived is her two kids. She was constantly abusing different substances and she got tired of it and decided to take matters into her own hands by going into rehab. 

Cassie Ventura has moved on, she is currently married to Alex Fine with whom she shares two kids. 

cassie with her husband and daughter frankie

Cassie with her husband and daughter Frankie

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