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Aileen and Deven’s Relationship Journey


Two high school sweethearts!! 

Aileen and Deven are known as the rizz couple due to their TikTok videos where they make each other’s heart race with pickup lines.

The content they post is adorable, it has to do with their everyday life, couples’ challenges, trends, and a lot of original content because Deven is full of rizz and all about their relationship 

Deven and Aileen have been together for about eleven years, they met at a young age and felt a deep connection since the beginning, reports.

They have been through it all, from meeting as teenagers to navigating long distances, breaking up, and rekindling their love. Tune in to discover the secret to their strong and lasting bond.

Aileen and Deven History 

These two are very active when it comes to social media and do not shy away from the limelight when it comes to their relationship.

On Alieen’s podcast ‘When You Know You Know’ the duo has spilled all the tea behind their almost twelve years together.

Deven and Aileen met in June of 2012 and started to date almost immediately because there were a few challenges. 

It all started by sliding into the DM’s the good old story of social media playing cupid, I bet Instagram has seen more love stories than me and you combined together.

Now enough with the babbling and let’s get into deep details about what really happened at first between the two.

Aileen and Deven have been together since 2012/Instagram

12 years is a lot of years to be a boyfriend and yes we are wondering when will Deven get on one knee.

Aileen and Deven met when they were 16 years old and they are 29 now. They met through a party that was thrown based on Filipino traditions similar to a Quinceanera.

It was Aileen’s party and her cousins invited Deven there and she kind of instantly fell in love with him. 

Deven on the other hand had met her a few times but Aileen could not really remember him, however, he also fell in love instantly. 

He was scared however to make the first move so he stopped right there and then. 

Aileen noticed Deven for the first time at that party and since then they both cast spells on one another and now are inseparable.

That party was the start of their relationship they exchanged numbers and Aileen slid into his DM’s.


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♬ original sound – Aileenchristineee

All of those texts were business-type of text until one day when she decided to go for it and just text him ‘Hi’ with a smiley face for which Deven was freaking out and at the same time punching the air from happiness. 

That’s the first time Aileen starts to use rizz with Deven and she still strongly believes her rizz is powerful.

However, Deven knew girls like a little bit of mystery so when he started talking with her her had a plan to play off as shy so Aileen would want to get to know him more.

The reason why he calls it ‘revers rizz; is because he played the uno card on her due to her thinking she made the first move on her, but it was the other way around.

They knew they were meant for one another, well for Deven it was Aileen’s energy because right off the bat he was whipped for her. 

For Aileen on the other hand, she knew Deven was the one because of his energy and how drawn she was at him.


The other half of my soul in human form ????

♬ sonido original – Flori

Deven and Aileen Broke Up Once

They reached a point in their careers where things started to go downhill, not because they fell out of love, but because work was taking a toll on them.

There was a specific moment they shared when they were both exhausted and overwhelmed with their relationship, unable to find time to navigate through it amidst their busy work schedules.

This happened during the pandemic when they were lying in bed, trying to sleep, and both felt frustrated about not being there for each other.

Their breakup wasn’t like the typical ones where couples take a break for a while. Aileen and Deven actually broke up for several months, almost a whole year. 

Deven and Aileen/Instagram 

During this time, they focused on themselves, practicing self-love and all that. However, the idea of getting back together never really crossed their minds.

The breakup was amicable, not messy, and it happened because of a lack of communication.

For Deven, Aileen is like a treasure, and after working on themselves, they realize just how much they truly love each other. So, they decided to work towards reigniting their love.

Aileen and Deven: Marriage and Kids Pressure

I would say the only red flag in this relationship is that Deven has not proposed yet.

They get a lot of pressure from the family about having kids while the fans on the other hand want them to get married. 

But for them, they just want to live their life and do not want others’ opinions because they like where they are but totally understand where their family and friends are coming from.

The reason why they have not planned to have kids is because mentally they are not prepared yet for it. 


I was expecting something big but i wasnt expecting this ????????… @Duolingo @DevenChris #DuolingoPartner

♬ Dance You Outta My Head – Cat Janice

As for the marriage plans that’s something private to them and when it does happen they will make sure to let us know.

Aileen and Deven are relationship goals, they have a large number of followers on different social media platforms. They are known for their funny couple content and the strong rizz they possess.

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